Why Hillary Clinton Has Chris Stevens’ Blood On Her Hands

Hillary Clinton speech 9 SC Why Hillary Clinton has Chris Stevens’ blood on her hands

According to reports, the Islamist animals who murdered J. Christopher Stevens, our Ambassador to Libya, sodomized him before, while, and after he was killed. They followed the same formula they used when they murdered Gadhafi. To these 7th century “warriors”, doing such things shows the extreme disrespect they have for the male victims. In their half- witted minds, this “manly” act makes the victim a woman in death and in life after death. They are misogynist skunks who hate women because of their own sick feelings of inadequacy.  Hillary Clinton should have known these things but apparently never bothered herself with details.

The blood of J. Christopher Stevens, a man who happened to be gay but had a love of America that compelled him to step forward to work for our nation, is absolutely on the hands of Hillary Clinton as the fake she is and Barack Obama for the incompetent he is.

Clinton is a woman with no particular qualifications, except that she “took one for the team” and allowed herself to be publicly humiliated by her sexually depraved husband.

Because she “put ice on her lip” and sung “Stand by your man” on 60 Minutes, the poster boy for degradation of women was elected and reelected to the presidency. The Democrats who are a Party that rewards degenerates have been thanking Hillary ever since she and her husband sold their last pardon on January 20, 2001.

We know her career path.  She pushed aside all qualified and loyal New York State Democrats (Nita Lowey comes to mind) so she could run in the deepest Blue State that suited her fancy without a difficult race.  She tried to be the president but was out- “race-carded” as her pervert husband put it.

To stay in the public’s eye, she accepted the position of  Secretary of State and has done an horrifically bad job at it. That happens when being a good Democrat is the only consideration for appointment to a position of high trust and importance.

For reasons known only to her, she successfully urged Barack Obama to help the Muslim Brotherhood overthrow the American-friendly Mubarack government in Egypt and help the Brotherhood kill Gadhafi in Libya.

Then she installed a man she knew to be gay (she said she knew him well) as the Ambassador to a country controlled by vicious gay-hating animals. She did this to win favor with America’s gay community so they would keep contributing to the Democrat Party. Now Chris Stevens has been killed and sodomized by the people Hillary Clinton helped put in power throughout the Middle East. Any questions?

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  1. Hellary is known liar and her IQ is not real good either, if Stevens was a homosexual as is being claimed then she left him without protection in a place where he may as well have been bait for wolves. We all know cult islams intolerance for human life they disdain…..Blood on your hands Hellary, you and the Fraud.

  2. I sorry but until this moment I did NOT know that Mr. Stevens was gay and what the H*** does that have to do with anything.

    • SofiesVoice says:

      You missed the point, dover2. The fact that Mr. Stevens was gay and the poor judgment of assigning him to a post in an Islam hell hole without considering consequences, and minimum protection in a country that is full of hate for all things Western and no live ammunition allowed, was insane. No one is in judgment of his personal life style. Hillary had 0 qualifications for her post. She should have stayed home to keep an eye on Bill, her poor excuse of a husband.

      • My sentiments exactly. You are speaking to my first reaction after learning that Mr. Stevens was gay. Hillary DID know that but sent him to a country where she knew — that if he was outed — he would be killed. That and on 911and warnings days in advance about the probability that there would be trouble there.. And where was Hillary — out of the country. Why was she sent out-of-country to be away during the Convention? A lot of unanswered questions. How about Slick Willy. I knew he would say something like ..When I was president…" I said it years ago — the Clintons will never go away.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      It has a lot to do with it. Are you aware that gay people are murdered in muslim countries? No and, if or buts.
      Would you send an unguarded woman into a male prison? Would you send an unarmed man to the front line?
      That's the point, not that he was gay.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Seeks we do send o\ur military into harms way with out side arms because some asshole general thought it would please the muslims.they finally rescinded that order after enough soldiers died,that general or who ever thought of that stupid idea should be hung up by his balls wrapped in barbwire.

  3. jalina stutte says:

    She sent him to his death because she knew he was Gay and knowing that Islamics would use that as a excuse to kill him. Whats interesting is that the Quran endorses Muslims to have sex with men and young boys for pleasure and women to breed. Double standard dont you think? This woman is a disgusting serpent.

  4. Hillary Clinton is a female obama. Nuff said.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Hitlary Clinton that fat old bag with bigger bags under her eyes then her husband knew this guy was gay and sent him to Libya where she knew they hated gays because half of them are gay should be arrested for conspiracy to kill.Betwween her and Willy they have more blood on their hands then Al Capone just look at the record they hold on people killed who were involved with them.That is why Sambo gave her the Sec of State because he didn't want to end up like Vince Foster or all the ret.

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