Why Fewer Americans Believe Homosexuality Is A Sin

obama gay marriage sc Why Fewer Americans Believe Homosexuality Is a Sin

There’s a new poll out that claims “[f]ewer Americans believe homosexuality is a sin than a little more than a year ago.” Ed Stetzer, president of LifeWay Research, claims the reason for the opinion shift “is most likely the result of President Barack Obama’s ‘evolved’ view of gay marriage.”

I have to disagree. The reason for the shift is due to the fact that a huge publicity and propaganda campaign has been waged by the very active homosexual community, the entertainment industry, and the educational establishment.

The fact that you will almost never hear a promoter of homosexual rights ever use the word “homosexual” is an indicator that semantic subterfuge is going on. The use of the word “gay” was carefully chosen to obscure the act of homo (same) sex sexual activity.

If I were ever invited on a talk show to address the topic of homosexuality, here’s the first question I would ask: Please define homosexual? A have a number of follow-up questions depending on the answer. I follow a similar line of questioning about the so-called “pro-choice” movement: What is a woman choosing to do?

Homosexual characters are rarely if ever shown engaged in homosexual activity on television. Rarely do you ever see a homosexual portrayed in film or on television in a negative way. Compare this approach to how business owners, anti-abortion activists, and religious people are portrayed.

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Photo credit: khalid Albaih (Creative Commons)

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  1. YOU may call them gay…I still call them queer!

  2. disgusted says:

    Call them anything you want, they are still homo’s, perverts, and as the comment above says, QUEERS! This is a SIN, like it or not, it is a sin in the eyes of God, and should still be that in the eyes of all mankind. If something smells like shit, there is nothing one can call it other than pure shit, because that is exactly what it is! Homosexuality is perverted sex. One commenter on this site calls them FUDGE PACKERS! It kinda turned me off chocolate fudge, by the way, but it is so close to that in reality, that it is disgusting to even consider. And if it is so “normal” by today’s standards, then WHY don’t we see this sexual behavior on television the same as we see so much NORMAL sexual doings on our tv screens???? I guess it’s not so “acceptable” even to those who want to pass it off as NORMAL behavior! Hypocrites as well as disgusting examples of what our children should be taught! This homo behavior is sick, twisted, abnormal as abnormal can get, and it is an outright SIN! An ABOMINATION, in the sight of God! And twist it any way you want, to make it suit your selfish desires, it is still twisted logic, as well as sickening, and sick behavior! I wish, oh I WISH, you sick, perverted, twisted, and abnormally behaving creatures would GO BACK INTO THE CLOSETS THAT YOU CAME OUT OF AND STAY THE HELL THERE!

  3. not in our neighborhood do we think this….it is a sin

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