Why Doesn’t Obama Speak Out Against Christian Persecution?

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In March of this year, President Obama traveled to Saudi Arabia to meet with Saudi King Abdullah.  The purpose of the visit was to reassure the kingdom that the United States still values them as an ally, as American policy had shifted noticeably against Saudi Arabia–and the king was unhappy.  From American refusal to arm the rebels fighting the Assad regime to the apparent appeasement of Iran, Saudi Arabia’s views were going unheard.  The kingdom showed its displeasure by refusing a seat on the U.N. Security Council, which hurt American ability to impact decision-making in that body.

Before the trip, seventy members of the United States Congress signed a letter to the president requesting he bring up with the king the issue of Christian persecution in the Middle East. Christianity is illegal in Saudi Arabia.  The president chose not to broach the subject.  When asked why, the White House spokesman said the president did not have time during the trip.  In fact, our Dear Leader has not shown a willingness to use his bully pulpit to speak out about the ethnic cleansing happening every day across the Middle East by fundamentalist Muslim jihadists.  This lack of apparent interest begs the question: why?

We all know that President Obama claimed that he converted to Christianity prior to running for president of the United States. We have also heard the sermons of Reverend Wright that the president listened to frequently while attending church in Chicago. The God Damn America comment was widely played during the 2008 election.  I have said many times that it’s not what Obama says that matters; it’s the result and consequences of his actions.  In this case with Christianity, I believe he doesn’t speak out against Christian persecution because he just doesn’t care.

We now have the Islamic State in the Middle East giving an ultimatum to Christians in Iraq and elsewhere to leave within seventy-two hours or be persecuted or worse.  These people have lost their homes and everything they owned–and have been literally thrown out into the desert.  We have Boko Haram committing genocide in Africa and killing Christians routinely, men, women, and children alike. There are Christians being stoned, burned alive, and even crucified across Africa and the Middle East.

Where is President Obama on the issue? Where is the press conference expressing outrage?  Where is the threat of military action against the leaders of these movements?  The threat of a drone strike against a jihadist and those around him would at least make these people think. We don’t hear anything from the White House because at the end of the day, it’s not important to the man.  He just doesn’t care.

Again, look at the consequences of his actions. An Islamic terrorist state stood up in the Middle East, Christians are being persecuted on a massive scale, and Iran is developing a nuclear weapon unimpeded. And what do we hear from Obama?  Crickets… it makes you wonder why he chose to use the Koran when being sworn in as president.  

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