Why Does Obama Support Our Enemies?

Obama Appeaser Enemies SC Why does Obama Support our Enemies?

President Barack Obama has issued an order directing various American government agencies, including the CIA, to provide unspecified support to the Syrian Rebels to overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad. On the surface, it appears that the CIA is providing intelligence to the Free Syrian Army to aid the rebels in their fight; however, the scope of this directive is unclear. The State Department, most likely acting on orders, has committed $64 million in humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people and another $25 million in non-lethal assistance to the Syrian opposition.


According to the UK Guardian, US and Europeans sources have been boasting about the advancements made by the Syrian rebels, crediting the aid of European and American intelligence support. They maintain that all aid provided to the rebels was humanitarian, and no arms were provided. The intelligence support given to the Free Syrian forces would be handled through joint operations center in Turkey. This is where the rebel leadership is getting support and equipment from various governments wishing to remove the Syrian regime.

Since the intention of the President’s directive is unknown, it is difficult to believe that all aid given to the rebels is non-lethal. The influx of money from the US and other nations has done little to turn the rag tag collection into an effective fighting force in such a short time. It is very likely they had help from more experienced fighters.


Despite the American media’s ignoring it, al-Qaida is working closely with the Free Syrian Army to overthrow the regime. A UK Guardian reporter met with Abu Khuder, the leader of a band of  al-Qaida fighters in Syria who are actively trying to hide their affiliation with al-Qaida as not to attract negative attention from the west. The followers of Abu Khuder are experienced men who fought in Iraq and probably Afghanistan, Libya, and Egypt. They are under orders from al-Qaida leadership to support the Syrian Rebels. Like Egypt and Syria, they are probably taking orders from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Since the Obama administration is hell-bent to aid Muslim extremists, that begs the question: why in the hell is this White House helping our enemies?

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  1. David F. says:

    He should impeached for TREASON for giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemies of the United States…but who in Congress has the cajones…especially since we know Harry Reid will do everything in his power to stop the Senate from Voting on Impeaching this Empty suited, lying, gas bag, socialist we have in the Oval Office right now.

  2. Don't see why that is hard to understand Obama is a known Muslim and communist. What else would you expect him to do?

  3. sean murry says:

    That SOB is our enemy.

  4. Because Obama is the enemy!!!

  5. Disgusted says:

    DUH! All three comments above took the words right out of my mouth! But, I’ll add mine anyway, BECAUSE HE IS ONE OF THEM, THE ENEMY! How much more proof does anyone need for pity’s sake??? He SAID he would side with the slimeballs, the mu SLIMES, and that is the ONE “PROMISE” he has kept. Personally, I didn’t take that “promise” as a promise, I took it as it was meant to be, A THREAT TO ANYONE WHO SPEAKS OUT OR GOES AGAINST THESE FILTHY DROPPINGS FROM A CAMEL”S BACKEND! The NAME when he ran for this office should have SCREAMED THE OBVIOUS! MU SLIME, Barack HUSSAIN Obama! Geez, after September 11, 2001, the entire nation should have been wary of anything, or anyone that even remotely smelled, looked like, or walked like one of those subhuman insults to the human race! oh man, “why does obama support our enemies” INDEED! Crap, when is ANYBODY GOING TO STAND UP IN PUBLIC AND ANNOUNCE THE FACTS FOR WHAT THEY ARE? This disease ridden, son of a whore IS A MU SLIME AND MEANS TO UTTERLY DESTROY US ALL! So I am angry, big deal, who wouldn’t be, having to watch this ABORTION that didn’t happen, but should have happened, destroy our nation, infect us with his diseases, which are many, those of the mind, and insult us all daily with his lies, expecting us to be stupid enough to either beleive them, or let them just slide off our backs, as if it isn’t important enough to get so upset and angry about. I think we have seen and heard quite enough of this bastard, and we are going to have to get rid of him sooner, rather than later. A million, two million, man, woman and child march, with a horse and cart, and drag his sorry ass out of our nation’s capitol and throw, THROW him and Mooo into the Atlantic and tell them to start swimming! Sink, swim or die, I don’t give a damn, but leave our country! Enough of this mu SLIME butt kissing, and coddling, enough of having to be insulted by the very sight of such an insulting peice of kenyan or whatever trash in our White House. If we have to have a BLACK man for president, then at least FIND AN AMERICAN BLACK MAN! Allen West would be a good start!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Not only is bo against the USA. But many democrats in DC are also against the USA by supporting him.
    the democrat-controlled Senate SHOULD have VETOED many of the Executive Orders he has bypassed Congress to sign. These EOs are taking Away our RIGHTS and will put him in Control of the USA.
    (yes there are so republicans who also need to be removed. BUT the democrats control the Senate AND the Senate has the power to go against bo.


  8. JacktheFAC says:

    Obama supports our enemies because he is one of our enemies, if not our MAIN enemy.

  9. Carl Manning says:

    Here's some more enlightenment. Your tax dollars are being used by our federal government to kill Christians in Syria, and what is the ridiculous GOP doing about this??? As usual, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

  10. Michael Wilkinson says:

    He is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood because if Syria falls and becomes a Muslim Brotherhood country Israel will be surrounded and Obama will watch hoping Israel will be destroyed by the Brotherhood. Obama has no love for Israel and could care less just so the region turns into an unruly Muslim region. Obama is in a position to create total collapse of the free world. He will collapse the United States (unless we stop him), If the US falls Canada and Mexico will follow, and he can collapse the European Union by allowing the Muslim Brotherhood expand into Europe. Obama is an anarchist/socialist/Marxist/Communist. And when it's over he hopes to be King Obama.

  11. Obama is a muslim – what else needs to be said……..

  12. Edwardkoziol says:

    The main reason he supports them is he is one of them.Just look at who his czars are and there it is in a nut shell.When you hang around shit you become shit.

  13. Oscar Dar says:

    If Obama and those who are responsible of AIDING the enemies against our government are proven to be the fact; there is no doubt THEY ARE GOING TO JAIL. But, how can they go to jail when they are NOT CHARGED? When are these Legislators do their jobs? WE ARE TIRED OF WAITING for those LAW BREAKERS to face justice for the crimes they have committed and ROT IN JAIL…. It would be the day when we will see the sun shine again in our lives and smell the freshness of the air, that AMERICA IS KNOWN around the world. THE LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE.

  14. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I wonder what country would come to our aid to overthrow our oppressive government? The oblameo stolen administration has been just as bad, if not worse, than many of these other governments like Egypt.

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