“Why Do We Need to Pay Them to Hate Us?” Obama’s Foreign Aid Policy Makes No Sense

Kevin “Coach” Collins, FloydReports.com

Recently Texas Republican Congressman Ted Poe reintroduced an idea whose time might have finally come. He addressed Congress asking that we review the foreign aid we are sending to countries around the world, with the purpose of cutting most of it.  Referring to the many countries with their hands out looking for foreign aid, Poe asked a direct question: “Why do we need to pay them to hate us?”

Poe’s fact-filled, but brief, speech contained some compelling points.

We are giving foreign aid money, our tax dollars, to 150 of the 192 countries of the world. Some of these counties are ungratefu,l but most of the biggest recipients are outright hostile toward us and can fairly be accused of hating us.

Among the countries Poe singled out were Venezuela and Cuba, which gets $20 million of our money….

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  1. Jennifer Foster says:

    How amusing! 150 countries get money from the US in foreign aid and still they have the gall to be ungrateful and hateful. It would be a great idea for the US taxpayer to revolt and say "NO more foreign aid for anyone until our economy is humming again." Bring manufacturing, cut out the bs regulations for starting a business or corporation, cut the insane taxes on the middle class. Ha, I call that a recipe for success! What say you?

  2. Some of these, like Egypt, we were paying our puppets to keep the people that hate us from getting influence. Not sure why we’d pay Cuba though.

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