Why Do DNC Delegates Think Jimmy Carter Will Make Obama Look Good?

Jimmy Carter SC Why Do DNC Delegates Think Jimmy Carter Will Make Obama Look Good?

As the song goes, “When you’ve got nothing you’ve got nothing to lose”, and DNC delegates might be thinking this when Jimmy Carter addresses them via video.

The delegates will cheer wildly because he will be changing the subject from the hideous parade of out-of-step misfits on their speakers list to something NBC can crow about. Carter will be warmly greeted because they think his economic failures make Obamanomics look good.

When his dreary speech promoting Barack Obama (who will replace him as the worst president in American history) is over, they will jump to their feet. The halfwits won’t care about his 18% mortgage rates or blocks-long gas lines. Democrats live in a bizarre fantasy world where failure is cheered and success is mocked.

Carter, the man Democrats will cheer, has always been attracted to the worst anti-American underside of the Left. He has had a warm, personal friendship with the Castro brothers, Hugo Chavez, and Yasir Arafat (whom he coached on how to fool westerners into thinking he was not a terrorist). Raul Castro, Fidel’s malignant little brother, called Cater the “best of all U.S. presidents.” He’s probably the only person besides Carter himself who believes that.

How anti-Semitic is Carter? While president, he commented there were “too many Jews” on his Holocaust memorial committee, then objected to a “non-Jew” with a name that “sounded Jewish.”  When his anti-Semitic rant “Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid” came out just 2 years ago, 14 members of his own staff quit. Yet, Jewish DNC delegates will jump to their feet to cheer for him – he makes Obama look good.

Carter gave away the Panama Canal, which is now run by a front company for the Red Chinese. This puts us in danger of economic blackmail, but the halfwits at the DNC will jump to their feet and cheer because he makes Obama look good.

In 2004, the poor suckers in Venezuela actually ASKED Carter to come and “watchdog” their election to try to kick Hugo Chavez out. Going into Election Day, two separate polls showed Chavez DOWN 2 to 1. When the votes were counted, Carter’s pal Hugo had WON by a 2 to 1 margin. Despite the 40 point turnaround being a statistical impossibility, Carter declared the election was honest. The DNC will cheer Carter wildly because he is a Voter Fraud hero and makes Obama look good.

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  1. obama makes carter look like a great President. And Carter was terrible!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    I guess they figure Carter was a real bad president and now he is an American Traitor that anybody would look better then the peanut man.He can build all the houses he wants,he still sucks and is a terrorist groupie.

    • Well Ed, my thoughts on this empty peanut shell of a “man” is that he should stay home and play with his nuts…………….is that a good idea or what?! That is, if he even has any nuts to play with, considering his lack of anything that could possibly pass for brains or balls……….remember the Iran Hostage Crisis, I sure do! He was lost as to what to do, he must have had some nuts to play with back then…….peanuts are wonderful toys to the intelligence impaired, and that one, shit for brains carter, has always been lacking in intelligence of any kind at all, and is even more impaired in the American patriotisim department. He is an embarrassment to the entire nation, he should use what little “dignity” he has left, if he ever had any, that is, he should use that miniscule amount and quietly refuse to speak, and crawl under a mound of peanuts and spend what time he has, GOD LET IT BE SHORT, and play pea knuckle. Or, pea brain games. I think though, that a pea looks mighty BIG next to what resides in that sorry old knot that sits between his shoulder blades. And the dimwitted Demoncraps have to be absolutely desperate if they beleive that Nutty Brain Carter “can’ter” will “make oblowjob look good”. I don’t see how that’s possible. I don’t beleive anyone could work that kind of magic, because there is no wizard, witch or seer who could do such a thing! Oblowhard, Obutthole, is so bad that he is at least, Tops in the Game of AWFUL, DREADFUL, HORRENDOUS, he is a Horror Show All On His Own, he doesn’t need any help! The Absolute, The All Time Worst of the Worst! Ivan The Terrible looks like the Angel Gabriel when in comparison!!!!

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