Why Did The Trayvon Martin Special Prosecutor Dismiss The Grand Jury?

George Zimmerman SC Why did the Trayvon Martin Special Prosecutor dismiss the grand jury?

It was reported Monday that Special Prosecutor Angela Corey would NOT be giving the Trayvon Martin case to the assembled and waiting Grand Jury in Seminole County, Florida. As it requires a Grand Jury to bring an indictment of first degree murder, the move by the Special Prosecutor takes the possibility of a capital charge against George Zimmerman, the man who shot Martin, off the table.

Of course, there is a SPECIAL prosecutor because Martin was black and, contrary to long standing tradition, he was NOT shot by another black. Because such a radical departure from accepted procedure immediately elicited cries of “racism” from blacks across the nation– guaranteeing Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would sprint to the scene and the nearest camera–the regular prosecutor decided to call it a day. Florida Governor Rick Scott then appointed Corey.

Corey’s dismissal of the Grand Jury leads to a number of interesting possibilities. Perhaps the Special Prosecutor was afraid the evidence, or rather the LACK of necessary evidence against George Zimmerman would result in no indictment by the Grand Jury. Possibly wanting to follow the safe, politically mandated course, she has decided to file a charge herself, just to make sure.

Perhaps Corey is an honorable individual who knows that the evidence will NOT support a charge of murder, or indeed any charge at all. Therefore, she took the case—and all subsequent blame–upon herself due to a concern that, intimidated by race-hustlers and threats surrounding Martin’s death, the Grand Jury might return an indictment based principally on fear. This would be an indictment which no prosecutor would be able to make stick.

Then, after months of preparation and a drawn out media circus before the court, a verdict of “Not Guilty” would be pronounced—the verdict Angela Corey and every attorney connected with the case KNEW must be reached from day 1! If the killing itself has become an excuse for race-baiting, death threats, and beating an old man nearly to death in Ohio, imagine the nefarious use to which an acquittal could be put by the New Black Panthers and Barack Obama!

Former prosecutor Sunny Hostin, now a CNN analyst, decided Corey did the right thing in dismissing the grand jury as she will now make her own decision rather than “…punt the ball to lay people…”  Although no one should appreciate the suggestion that non-attorneys can’t decide what is right or just, maybe in this case does Hostin have a point. After all, as Eric Holder has made it clear that the Department of Justice will not punish any of “his people” should they feel somehow outraged or put upon by whites, the fewer to actually take a stand  for what is right, the fewer who will be targeted by the New Black Panthers.

Angela Corey has filed a  charge of second degree murder against George Zimmerman. She dismissed the Grand Jury in order to make certain justice would be served and to protect those on the jury who might have considered sacrificing what is right for what is safe. All in all, a tough lady.

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  1. Yeah, she's real tough on the felonies committed by the black panthers! When are they going to be charged?

    • Well, the Black Panthers and those screaming loons that listen to that black radio station, KOONZ that black spot on yo dial, are calling for the death of pink people and red blankets (white folks bleeding on the streets). Unbelievable. Now they want the Hispanic communities to join in?

      This is what Ocreepo had in mind all along…..stir them up, and then watch them swarm like flies while he steps away and says NOTHING to make them calm down. Sounds a lot like he WANTS a race war…..Not all black and Hispanic people have fallen for his lies and racist crap…..the intelligent people in America (all colors) will stand against anyone who wants to tear this country down, and that is ALL he is after. This is how you do it, bring them against each other, and then open the camps to what's left (that's black and white) and voila' you have yourself a new country to rule. So, you're gonna let him get away with that ? Think YOU will have a special seat when he rules? Are you cwazy???? He will have you murdered after he is through with you. Think people….what is the motive for this mess? POWER…GREED and there is no room for you when he gets it.

      • David F. says:

        You're right this is what Obama wants. The reason he wants it, is so that he can then impose Martial Law in the U.S., "Postponing" the Elections and take over privately owned companies…to ensure his Socialist Regime doesn't fall because of him being voted out in November.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      HA HA HA HAHAHAHA HA HA! Thanks for the laugh..

  2. sean murry says:

    scared of the blacks.

  3. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Angela Corey did say she had to seek justice for the "SWEET PARENTS" of the murdered child.
    That the DUTY of law enforcement is to seek "justice" for victims.

    That is JUST "victims" who assault a non-black BECAUSE he dared to watch a "brotha". And ONLY "victims" that are negros killed by non-blacks.

    Move along…. no biased here…

  4. JacktheFAC says:

    Zimmerman is better off being protected there in jail. The Black Panther racist thugs may kill him if they see him out. When Zimmerman goes to trial, he must be found guilty, and the jurors will know this. Even if the judge tries to keep their identities secret, there are enough liberal "journalists" who will pay enough bribes to find out who they are, and those identities will be given to the Black Panthers. The juorors know this, and know that they, and their families, will be in danger if they find Zimmerman innocent (even though he is). Also, the likes of "Rev." Sharpton, and Jackson, and their racists ilks, will turn loose a national series of riotsif Zimmerman is found innocent. It will be Rodney King all over again, on steroids. With thugs like this holding our legal system hostage, what other verdict will there be for Zimmerman but guilty.

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