Why Did He Win?

President Obama face WH photo SC Why Did He Win?

Two days following the election, I rejoined a men’s Bible study at the parish church I attend.  One of the other members is an interesting fellow I’ve known for many years.  We both have law degrees, so I suppose our sense of camaraderie flows at least in part from the way we think about things.  After we finished our discussion of this week’s Sunday scripture readings, he asked me a provocative question.  During our closing prayers and petitions, I mentioned the hardships and losses of those still suffering from the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy who are, as I am writing this, under another weather siege popularly referred to as a nor’easter.  Many are still without heat or power, and the losses are almost incalculable.

The question my friend asked me was why did I think BHO won?  Given my expression of great disappointment and emotional upset during our meeting, I knew he was not asking this from a political perspective.  Rather, he was inquiring about a supernatural or spiritual perception.  Naturally, I paused for an instant, somewhat astounded by the astute nature of his interrogatory.

I told him about a liberal acquaintance on Facebook who prayerfully asked on Election Day that God’s will be done and that He select the best candidate as our president for the next four years.  I responded to her post by pointing out that it was not God’s will that would be expressed after the last vote was counted.  Rather, I opined that the selection of the president would be an expression of the free will of those who cast their ballots either way.  She thanked me for my opinion and stated that she hadn’t really thought about it in those terms.

It was not God’s will that the master of opaqueness was awarded another four-year term.  That resulted from slightly more than fifty percent of those who voted and happened to be in the right states that tipped the electoral college in his direction.  His take of ballot casters constituted just under three million more popular votes than Mr. Romney received. God’s hand was no more in the results of this election than it is when a psychopath enters a crowded movie theater armed to hilt and mows down scores of innocent film buffs.  Sometimes circumstances collide in unexpected ways that result in a bloody massacre or, in the case of last Tuesday’s election, a horrid ending that has many, including myself, gravely concerned for the well being of this once great nation.  For the first time ever, I use the adjective “once” to describe the state of our country.

As we left our meeting room, I continued to express my perception in an effort to provide some sort of answer to the question he initially posed.  I want the reader to understand that I am not a far-right religious fanatic.  Most Catholics are not, at least not the ones I know.  Nevertheless, I told my friend that I think he won for a variety of reasons, some objective and some less so, the latter being steeped in questions of faith and personal beliefs.  I mentioned the shredding of our moral fabric and the relativity of right and wrong that currently permeates our families, schools, and other public institutions along with new generations of citizens who expect something from others instead of deciphering what they might have to offer.

I thanked my friend for presenting his thought-provoking question and told him I was going to use it as a topic for my next article.  Having given it additional thought and analysis, it is too easy to say that the people have spoken and leave it at that.  There is much more to the story, as renowned radio commentator Paul Harvey used to remind us on a daily basis so many years ago.

From my perspective, the rest of the story can be summed up in two words – social evolution.  I do not use evolution in the sense of positive adaptation to natural changes because the circumstances that have caused us to evolve socially and politically are not natural.  Rather, they are the results of carefully orchestrated attacks and intrusions on what the offense has viewed an antiquated or inconvenient.   We all know the party lines.  I know I do as a reformed liberal myself.  They are the slogans and familiar vernacular expressed in time-worn phrases like “do your own thing” or “whatever.”

The attitude that pervades so many quite simply stems from the unabashed shunning of authority and accountability. If someone engages in activities or behaviors that allegedly do not hurt someone else, we are told (and even I have said), no one has the right to tell that person to refrain.   What so many fail to consider is that adherence to the rule of law does not stem from the right of someone else to judge and correct another’s actions.  Instead, it flows from our implied or expressed conviction to respect ourselves and each other.  Whether you like the Golden Rule’s succinct summation or you prefer more elaborate exhortations from religious books, it does not matter.  What matters is an acknowledgment that we are responsible for ourselves and for each other.

This begs the question “what role does the government play?”  Once upon an ancient time, the principles of organized government stemming from Aristotle to Rousseau taught us the simple premise that we need one another and as such are responsible for creating good political communities.  Aristotle told us:

Since we see that every city-state is a sort of community and that every community is established for the sake of some good (for everyone does everything for the sake of what they believe to be good), it is clear that every community aims at some good, and the community which has the most authority of all and includes all the others aims highest, that is, at the good with the most authority. This is what is called the city-state or political community.

I cannot fault the liberal left for believing that their current body politic is firmly engaged in accomplishing “some good”.  The standoff between us flows from what good we believe our government should be creating.  When the notion of goodness become relative instead of absolute, the delegation of authority to anyone is convoluted and ambiguous.

So why did he win? Why does it matter anyway save for those in the GOP who are already casting dreams towards 2016.  I’m not certain even God knows why, but I suspect it has something to do with the brilliant human characteristic He bestowed upon us that we call free will.   In the words of that great philosopher/singer from the Greatest Generation, “what will be will be.”


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  1. I disagree with your conclusion. I believe God did allow this to happen. Let me explain – referencing Colossians 1:16, but also here is (Hebrews 1:2,3):
    [God] has in these last days spoken to us by his Son, whom he has appointed heir of all things, through whom also he made the worlds; who …See More
    November 8 at 9:21am · Like..Paul Ulrich To me that means that the power of Jesus is, in part, the subatomic forces that allow matter to exist (which science can not explain, only label. Labeling something is not explaining it) Once I came to understandd that a little over a year ago, a lot more things started to make sense.

    • He said it was not God's will. I agree that it was not God's will, but rather the people's will. (If voter fraud is not a factor.) Israel wanted a king that would rule them so they could be "like the other nations" and God gave them a tyrant for a king (Saul) to bring judgement on Israel. It was not God's will for Saul to be king, but the people demanded that God give them what they wanted, so he did, and they suffered for it! It wasn't until they repented that God gave them a righteous king. Over and over again, every time they demanded their own way, they ended up with a king that brought great suffering. And, every time they decided to repent and do things God's way, he gave them a righteous king who led them to prosperity and peace! God's will is that we have a righteous leader who will do what is right and lead the people toward righteousness! When the people refuse righteousness, they get what they want, and they suffer the consequences! I believe Obama won by fraud, and I am praying he is brought to justice! If a majority of Americans still prefer what is right, I believe God will honor that! If they don't, they will get what they ask for! And, they will suffer the consequences! It is not God's will, but he will discipline and judge the people by giving them the leaders they wanted! Let's just hope they submit to God's ways when they realize their mistake! Otherwise, we are going to suffer more and more!

  2. Howard Grant says:

    All these things must come to past for the second coming of the Lord.

  3. Al Metcalf says:

    Russell, from reading your article it is apparent that you are a recent convert to Conservativism or what you think is Conservativism.
    Let me enlighten you just a bit. Conservatism is based on leaving things already written and agreed to,alone. If the rules are working then don't fix it. Quit tinkering and applying silly non logic to a problem. Our Declaration of Independence is based on the Ten Commandments and specifically the last half, which we humorously call the 'BE NOs' of coveting those things belonging to others. Our Constitution is hanging from our Declaration and as such it does not revere Democracy in any way. Our Founding Fathers recognized that we are a product of Nature and Natures God and as such we would always seek Freedom and Liberty above all things.

    • Al Metcalf says:

      You will notice that there is not one word about Charity or Individual Welfare anywhere in these documents and that was not an oversight. In order for government to provide Charity or Individual Welfare to anyone the government must first enslave someone to provide the funds for such a purpose.
      And this is exactly what the difference is between the two extremes of our political parties.
      One party believes in 'pseudo Freedom and Liberty' and that they should enslave, rob, others who earn in order to hold political power over those who recieve the stolen goods or funds.
      The other party believe is 'absolute Freedom and Liberty' and that those people who have the 'Freedom to not work', shall also have the 'Liberty to starve' if that is their desire.
      It is not some pie in the sky hard concept to follow. This concept is from Paul in the New Testament. Those who do not work, shall not eat.

      • Seems to me that there is a scripture in the New Testament that tells it this way, sort of an analogy……….”consider the ant, thou sluggard”, meaning that they work to provide for the hive, nest or whatever, and thus they all eat. A community, you see. Bees, which do the same, work, and provide. If a person refuses to work, and insists on taking from those who do work, and provide for their family and those around them, then the person who refuses to work does not eat. Simple solution, if you don’t want to work, because you are lazy, then you do not eat, or have a home. I am not speaking of those who are UNABLE to work for whatever reason, rather of those who REFUSE TO WORK and SUPPORT THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMILIES! This is what America has become, THE WORKERS HAVE BECOME THE SLAVES TO THE LAZY AND WORTHLESS! And THIS is what we have to fight against, because it is not the way a sucessful nation stays sucessful. Even squirrels stock up for the winter, they do not depend on any other squirrels to take care of them. Beavers do this also, they WORK! Ever hear of a BUSY BEAVER in nature? Or, did anyone ever see or hear of a LAZY BEAVER in nature? If ANIMALS HAVE THE COMMON SENSE TO SEE TO IT THAT THEY ARE TAKEN CARE OF BY THEMSELVES, THEN WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? He “won” because too many LAZY kinds feel like they DESERVE, are ENTITLED TO WHAT WE WORKERS BUST OUR ASSES TO MAKE! An HONEST LIVING!

  4. Linda From NY says:

    I do not like this artical, it saids alot and it said nothing with no meaning. I tell you why this bum won, because 90 percent of blacks supported their black messiah and 90 percent of freeloaders and the illegals had a lot to do with it combine with voter fraud. And many people that did not like obama, stay home and did not vote. The christians should have come out in droves and support the bible with by voting for Mitt who at least supports, no abortions and no same sex marriages.

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