Why Cory Booker Might Be The Future Head Of The Democratic Party

Cory Booker SC Why Cory Booker Might Be The Future Head Of The Democratic Party

Cory Booker’s comments regarding Barack Obama’s attacks on Bain Capital were, for him, a “twofer.”  I think he believes in the system and understands that profits are not evil. He is hardly a full throated capitalist but cannot buy into trashing his benefactors in downtown NYC.   He actually believes that private sector money is critical to economic growth.  Some of his time at Stanford was not wasted.

More importantly, he is a man with big plans, a long range game plan, and the horses to execute.  He wants to be POTUS.  The second and more important part of the “twofer” is that it fits his agenda and the regular Democrat practice of shooting the wounded.  Obama may now be considered cooked as Booker would not dare cross him otherwise.  Booker does NOTHING that would hinder his plan, so knowing what he is doing, he chucked Obama and his Chitown thugs, crooks, and parasites under the bus.  I suspect, but cannot document, that he finds a lot of them lacking in decency anyway.

He is somewhat unique for a Democrat with big plans, as there is strong evidence that he is encumbered by principles.   He may have to twist himself into several pretzels as his career progresses, but I suspect he will do his best to be a patriot and a tribune for Newark simultaneously.  Anyone ever tried to square a circle???

There will be more apostates, but CB has established himself as “Il Duce” of the “new breed” of Democrats.  He has set himself up as the new savior of their Party and will be seen as prescient when Obama et al. are clobbered in the fall.

Wisconsin will start the charge. June 6th will be a day to celebrate Governor Scott Walker’s victory in Wisconsin.  He will make fools of the “recallers”, and they will then have to face the music.   After all, wiser heads at the DNC cautioned that it was a bad investment – a very bad investment indeed.

The labor goons, enviro-fascists , homosexual activists, abortionists, etc. that made  the Faustian bargain with the Democrats will soon be at each others’ throats. The NAACP, a formerly stand-up organization, recently found that the benefits of continued alliance with Democrats had a price.  It was ordered to publicly support homosexual marriage and did, even staring at a membership and wider community that largely opposed it.

Once it becomes clear that Barack Obama is toast, they will all be frantic to pick his Party’s bones of anything left before the collapse.   It will be a joy to watch, particularly as the media’s Democrat cheerleaders try to deny the obvious. Even the Republicans can’t screw this up.

Photo credit: david_shankbone (Creative Commons)

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  1. ProundPatriotToo says:

    Don't hold your breath. It will be a very, very, long time before this country (patriot ones) will trust another black man in the white house. Me included.

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