Why Are Republicans Asking Karl Rove To Step Aside?

Karl Rove SC Why Are Republicans Asking Karl Rove To Step Aside?


A growing list of Republicans and conservatives are calling for longtime Republican adviser Karl Rove to step away from GOP campaign efforts after the strategist jested that he might have to murder Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo.

William Murray, who heads the Government is Not God Political Action Committee and chairs theReligious Freedom Coalition, said today that the comment “was so distasteful as to shame the entire Republican Party.”

“Congressman Akin made a misstatement on the subject of rape and conception for which he apologized,” he said. “Apparently Karl Rove believes the apology is not enough and that Akin should pay with his life. Jokes about murder are not jokes when it comes to politicians where the risks of assassination are real.”

Conservative icon and founder of the Eagle Forum Phyllis Schlafly echoed the calls for Rove’s resignation.

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Photo credit: National Constitution Center (Creative Commons)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Fat old Karl out lived his usefulness.He blew it in Delaware when he wouldn't stick up for the tea party candidate and now he's doing it in Missouri.He should take his white board and beat himself over the head with it.He's just another RINO.

  2. May the Lord Of Heaven and Earth provide a new president, one that is elgible to be President , not a fraud, liar,thief,murderer, please Father God. The action he is taking is falling in line with the Bible ,and will result in a one world government, with a one world leader,the antichrist . I do want Christ to return soon,but I know there are far too many that will burn if they do not repent of their sins very soon. That is a continuous fire,for ever. Please if you are not a Christian Please repent for Heaven is more beautiful than you can imagine. Forever is more years than one can imagine.I had much rather be on the heavenly side than in the pit with satan.

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