Who Will Lead The Next Continental Army?

George Washington 2 SC Who Will Lead The Next Continental Army?

As Americans’ rights are now being trampled on a daily basis by the Muslim/communist plant in the White House and those who support him, I am seeing a significant number of pro-American value groups not only forming on social media, but merging as well. Our founding documents have guaranteed We The People a right to question our government; but, as of late, our government isn’t listening.

This merging of different groups all share the same values: the Constitution, smaller government, a solid American values system, and a strong military. All of these things are being removed from us at an alarming rate. Our government is more concerned with fighting someone else’s civil war in Syria and allowing illegal immigrants into OUR country than they are about the average jobless, homeless American people who have lived here all of their lives and have contributed to the system that is being so freely offered to those who come in illegally and do not belong here.

The American people have had enough of this travesty and are willing and ready to take action against it.  It is now common knowledge that our own government is arming itself against us. We are under constant watchful eyes through the NSA, and our petitioning is falling on deaf ears.  We are once again being forced to stand up for the protection of our Freedom and Liberty. It is once again time to water the tree. The only difference is that this time, the enemy is within. I am certain that with God’s help, the proper people will rise up to lead the second American Revolution. Until this happens, my fellow Patriots, stay safe and always be aware of your surroundings.

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  1. You put the negro in and the whole world is beginning to look like a ghetto, with worldwide fighting, riots, poverty, money scams, welfare addiction, infrastructure collapse, business closings, etc. That is their aim and that’s the way negroes live. Don’t ask me why. It just IS you know???

    Remove the negro.

    • mistresskeke says:

      why can’t a deceitful, constitution-hating power-drunk murdering puppet be just that? it’s not a black thing, it’s a selfish, self-righteous politician thing. leave race out of it, already! it’s a non-issue, it has nothing to do with the constant stream of lies & illegal bs he & his government inner-circle of yes-men & thieves are saying & doing, & it waekens your arguement, quite frankly.


  3. Its time for war!!!! We are only waiting on the word to form or someone to give us direction in putting the patriot army together. The communist, illegal immigrants, socialist, muslims, need to leave the country now!!

  4. We need to remove 50% of the people in American along with the BLACK COMMUIST THUG in the Black House and ground the Black Queen Michelle from traveling the world.

  5. Ranchman says:

    The fighting will be in the streets of American cities. Muslims trying to slaughter Christian Americans, bringing their bombs and bullets to our neighborhoods. We will have to fight the govt at the same time, they will not be on our side in this fight. This final battle, spilling over into other countries, has been foretold in Scripture for over 2000 years, the ultimate contest between good and evil. Although we know who wins, Muslims believe just as strongly it will be them. They will not "go quietly into the night," they will have to be put down like rabid dogs. Look at what they've already gotten away with here in America, stoning Christians in Dearborn, Michigan and the like. The govt is ON THEIR SIDE!! Anything to break the spirit of freedom in this country and bring about totalitarian rule! Yes, we will have to physically fight, there is no other way. Everyone should be preparing for it now. Are you?

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