Who Will Hillary Play On Her Way To The White House?

Hillary Clinton Jabba SC Who Will Hillary Play On Her Way To The White House?

Secretary of Hillary Clinton’s suspicious, self-diagnosed “concussion” presents some interesting possibilities. She claims she fainted, fell, and struck her head hard enough to have sustained the “concussion” that she is now relying upon to avoid having to lie about her part in the Benghazi cover-up during a Congressional hearing. To her adoring media, this story presents not a moment of skepticism but another chance to marvel at how skillfully the Clintons lie.

That Hillary did not seek or receive medical attention for such a serious injury as a concussion (especially for an obese 65 year old woman) means little to her legion of media bootlickers. Nevertheless, she will at some point have to either continue her ruse as a mentally incapacitated old woman – perhaps showing up at a hearing in a bath robe like Mafia boss Vincent “The Chin” Gigante, or testify as the rotund, 65 year old woman she really is. The “bath robe” trick didn’t work for Gigante, but it might work for Clinton.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a Republican in the House with the courage to tie her tail in a knot by subpoenaing her every 30 days until she comes in–with or without her bathrobe. Hillary will waddle away from the Benghazi murders, and Republicans will hold the door for her as she does.

Yet there is the remote possibility that she actually did suffer a concussion, which is brain damage resulting from having one’s gray matter slammed up against the hard surface of the skull.  They would desperately work to shield her from the voting public, claiming that since she was going to be elected anyway, she should not have to waste time campaigning but rather start immediately to do the “work of the American people” as soon as she was nominated.   If this is the case, Democrats will have to adopt the “Woodrow Wilson/Edith Wilson” stunt.

In October of 1919, while sitting on the toilet, Wilson had a stroke, which was immediately covered up by the Democrats.  THEY appointed Edith Wilson the de facto president. She made presidential decisions for the last year and a half of Wilson’s second term. When the clods in the Republican Party got suspicious, the Democrats put on a show for them. As the story goes, Democrats “fooled” a delegation of Republicans who “demanded” to see Wilson so they could judge his capabilities to govern. In a scene suggestive of  “Weekend at Bernie’s”, Democrats propped up the vegetative Wilson in his bed and spread a series of newspapers around him, making believe he was “carefully studying” the events of the day. The Republicans were either too dimwitted to know the difference between a functioning president and a bag of non-communicative bones, or they were paid off and went away quietly.

My guess is that by August, Hillary will be out on a golf course with Bill trying to prove she is not an obese 65 year-old, worn out woman. She will be all whispers and giggles with her loving husband, ready to be crowned America’s first female president.  Her appearance will not change. She will still be an obese, 65 year-old, worn out woman; but in the eyes of her adoring fans, she will look like Jackie Kennedy incarnate.

Photo credit: Dave Merrick

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  1. Hillary just like Kerry is a lying traitor to America. She got a little bump on her heady so she cannot tell America why she,Obama and panetta are treasonist murderers.
    DON 'T FORGET BENGHAZI??????EVER ! They must pay.

    • jon graham says:

      when did she bump her little head? the press never heard of it .because they play up everything when she even goes to the bathroom. just what we need another brain dead dumbacrat.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I'm wth you there Tomtom she is a snake just like Lurch and both of them should be tried for treason.

  2. LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!!!!!! The whole damn city of Washington is contaminated with liars. The old saying is LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE Fits that location perfectly!!

  3. woobernicker says:

    Pathetic, that this is the person who represents the U.S across the world? Just another testament to how they think they're above the law and of their contempt for truth. Worse yet is that congress allows her to get away with it.

  4. Hillary has blood of four fallen Americans in Benghazi on her hands. What the low informed crowd are unaware of is that that there are videos the WH was watching as the attack went on. The siege went on for over 7 hours, and there was help just 2 hours away.Why was backup DENIED STEVENS? I hope their families bring a law suit against Obama, Hillary and Panetta, Biden, and whoever else was a part of this disgusting massacre.

  5. Seeks_the_truth says:

    If you fall and hit your head hard enough to cause a concussion, wouldn't it be safe to say she would have a bruise and/or swelling at the impact site?
    Funny that none has been seen.

  6. Pennie Rodriguez says:

    I had a brain tumor in 1979, which resulted in surgery and paralysis. My husband was killed in a car wreck in 1999. In 2007, I had a concussion from slipping on the wet, tile floor in my bathroom. I can tell you this. There is NO WAY she cannot testify. Everyone says she is SO STRONG a WOMAN. BULL! If that is true, she is perfectly capable of remembering and telling the details of what happened in Benghazi. I was capable of raising my 8 year old and my 19 year old and do all the jobs that is required to maintain a household by myself and raise children by myself. I used to think she was doing a pretty good job as Sect of State, but now I see that it was ALL a big SHOW – a LIE. Hill looks stately but she is a fraud.

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