WHO Told These Republican “experts” They Know What They Are Talking About?

Republican Elephant 2 SC WHO told these Republican “experts” they know what they are talking about?

Who pats these fools on the head and anoints them as “experts?”

Politico finds it significant that “the usually gregarious consultant to Sen. Marco Rubio uncharacteristically resisted eight days of calls and emails seeking his thoughts for this column [on the Immigration bill].”

Presumably with their eyes toward the heavens, the authors of this article called Rubio’s push for amnesty a liability “at least for now.”

Using quotation marks around the word, Politico dismisses the notion that Rubio was “played” by Uncle Democrat (aka Chuck Schumer and other Senate Democrats.)

Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is very likely to face a primary for his part in granting  amnesty to millions of illegal aliens,  gave Rubio some advice: “If he’s got some influence in the House, now is a good time to use it.”

Politico praised Rubio for  “masterfully” winning over “important talkers like Bill O’Reilly on Fox” without realizing that O’Reilly couldn’t get himself arrested at a genuine TEA party rally and holds no sway whatsoever with actual conservatives. The authors’ claim that Rubio “neutralized” many radio talk show hosts best exemplifies how far from reality they are as well.

A Republican “expert” who mused about the “benefits” Rubio will enjoy because everyone will love him for giving us amnesty said “he might be threading the perfect political needle, getting credit for winning Senate passage without owning the responsibility for the complexities of implementation….”

Mike Murphy, a “noted” Republican strategist advises Rubio to keep pushing for final passage of an amnesty bill. Despite his plunging popularity, this idiot told Rubio to “Dance with the one that brung you. You get points for courage on a very tricky issue. And years from now, he’ll be able to say he was on the right side of it.”

All of this begs the question: Who told these people they know what they are talking about?

Are Rubio’s close advisors and this “genius” Murphy even able to read simple data? Can’t they look at the numbers and see that amnesty will destroy the Republican Party?

The guys at Politico, I can understand. They are liberal Democrats and would love to see a socialist America. But WHO told the Republican “experts” they know what they are talking about?

Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey (Creative Commons)

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