Who Should Feel Good, And Who Should NOT Feel Good About The Election News?

Obama Romney SC Who should feel good, and who should NOT feel good about the election news?

There is a lot of news about the election out there. For Republicans, it seems to span from bad to worse, that is if you don’t look closer. Here’s a closer look and a question: Who should feel good now, and who should not?

Several polls have Barack Obama ahead by anywhere from 2 points to 10 points. That would tend to make Democrats feel good. But there is a problem with the polls. To various degrees, they over-poll Democrats (some saying 52.2 % of all voters will be Democrats), under-poll Republicans (some using just 24% Republicans) and almost totally ignore Independents (some using 9.1% Independents).

Gallup has reported that Republicans are 16 points more enthusiastic to vote than Democrats, 64/48. Who should feel good?

Over Labor Day weekend, when he was sure few people would see it, Rasmussen announced his findings of registered voters, saying there are 37.6% Republicans , 33.3% Democrats and 30% Independents. In 2010, Republicans had a 1.3 point registration edge, and we won 63 seats in Congress. So who should feel good?

Third Way, a liberal group, has announced its analysis of voter rolls across the country and found Democrat registration uniformly down with steep drops in Ohio (490,000), Florida (4.5%), Iowa (9. 5%), and New Hampshire (19.5%)! Who should feel good?

Barack Obama is not winning any group he lost, doing better with any group he did win, or improving with any group he lost (he lost veterans by 11% and trails now by 24%) . Who should feel good?

There are two polls showing Obama winning Catholics. There are two showing Romney winning Catholics. To believe Obama is winning Catholics, we must accept that 4 years ago when Obama not only was not threatening Catholic religious freedoms, but Catholic Bishops were supporting him, Obama won Catholics by 6 points; but now that he is threatening Catholic beliefs and Catholic Bishops oppose him, Obama is really doing better with Catholics? (Give me a break!) One poll showed Obama getting just 27% support from Catholics, and another showed Mitt Romney at 51% with Catholics. No Democrat has ever lost Catholics and won anyway. Who should feel good?

Never in history have black ministers told their congregation NOT to vote; yet today, some are. A few are even advising people to vote for Romney. Who should feel good?

Turning on Obama, Univision is running stories on how Fast and Furious killed Hispanics. This type of attack against a Democrat, especially this late, means that Univision, a main source of information for Hispanics, is actively trying to hurt Obama. This never happens. Who should feel good?

If we had an honest media, they would ask both men why Republicans are so much more enthused to vote than Democrats. Romney would smile as he answered, and Obama would stammer. Who should feel good?

Photo credit: Cain and Todd Benson (Creative Commons)

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  1. James Kirksey says:

    We hear too much from the polls, which are controlled by the people interviewed and the questions asked. Only those votes count. This is the reson the Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to prevent states from pasing voter ID and purging their vote lists of non-citizens, deceased and duplicate votes. Votger fraud was very hevy in 2008 and things are lining up for more of the same in 2012. Now we can see how the questions are handled at the debates. This too lends itself to manupilation and bias on the part of those asking the questions. Winning any game is easier if you can make up the rules

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