Who Really Lost Iraq? Democrats? Republicans? Or Both?

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FRONT ROYAL, VA — The Red-Team, Blue-Team cacophony has reached a crescendo, and its intensity rises in direct correlation to its frivolity.

Now it’s “Who lost Iraq?”

Red blames Blue: “Bush warned that this would happen,” proclaims a former Bush staffer. “Obama squandered Bush’s victory,” grouses another.

Blue blames Red: the “Bush Hangover” hampers Obama’s masterful skills; Obama has done his best to “clean up the mess that Bush left him.”

Behind this predictable dungheap of drivel hides an infection that increasingly debilitates our republic.

Our country has become immersed in a vat of bipartisan, pompous frivolity.

Consider Bush’s callow, meandering hymn of hubris: “We’ll rid the world of evil.” “Saddam was a Madman!” “Heckuva Job Brownie!” “History will vindicate us!”

Ah, but Obama will not be upstaged: “You can keep your doctor!” Let’s fund ISIS in Syria – hey, now let’s fight ISIS in Iraq!” “Lois Lerner’s computer really crashed!” “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

And did I mention hubris? Here’s a headline that will undoubtedly heal the chaotic Middle East in a fortnight:
“Obama Pushes Iraqis to Mend Sectarian Rifts.”

Well, Pope Francis calls on sinners to mend their ways, too. And, while we’re on the subject of His Holiness, Bush and Obama, two idols of vapidity, do share one common accomplishment:

They both defied the pope.

In 2003, Pope John Paul II warned President Bush that his “Preemptive War” on Iraq would throw the Middle East into chaos.

It did.

Ten years later, Obama was pounding the prompter for a war on Syria. While the American Israel Public Affairs Committee stormed Congress advocating war, Pope Francis had other plans.

Millions of Catholics and others of good will worldwide joined the pope in prayer, fasting, and almsgiving in the cause of peace.

Two days later, last September 9, the most anti-Catholic administration in history was cornered by, of all things, a peace overture from Vladimir Putin, who rubbed it in, taunting Obama for supporting terrorist forces – like ISIS – in Syria.

Obama’s planned war flopped. But his flaccid frivolity brings to mind Orwell’s Doublethink: we are at war with Eastasia. Eurasia is our ally.

Oh wait – the Ministry of Truth says that it’s the other way around!

Meanwhile, cagey Bush old-timers adroitly distance themselves from their bellicose past, reading from the same script. Iraq War architect Paul Wolfowitz moans, “don’t blame me” and then adds, “look forward, not backward.” Richer Perle (richer every day) blames Bremer. Tony Blair chimes in. “Don’t blame me,” he bristles – and, by the way, we now “have to act” to save Iraq.

Kid Kristol, always smirking, always wrong, seconds Tony’s notion. He wants to fight the war again, apparently expecting a different result this time around.

Ten years ago, Kristol wanted to invade Syria, now that Iraq had been “conquered.” No wonder he baptized Obama as “A born-again Neocon”!

The Clash Of Ideologies

The truth will make you free, but falsehood

always brings violence in its wake

–Alexandr Solzhenitsyn

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