Who Owns Your Money: You or the Government?

Susan Stamper Brown, FloydReports.com

Ever heard the phrase, “Perception is reality?” To the honest person, understanding this concept can inspire you to excel. To the dishonest, perception becomes the mask under which lies vulnerability or perhaps a more sinister reality.

This is true in the court system, as we have witnessed this week with the Casey Anthony verdict. It’s all about perception and persuasion. The same is true in the world of politics. It’s rarely about righting wrongs or serving humanity; it’s about the furtherance of an ideological agenda.

A classic example is the ongoing debate over whether wages earned by an individual is fair compensation for his or her hard work, or is that compensation actually owned and controlled by the government.

How many times have we heard Democrats tell job creators it’s time to cough up a little more cash, and then complain that the government is somehow “losing” money — unless it raises taxes?

How can you lose money that was never yours to begin with? You can’t. But a whole lot of Americans have bought into that perception – because they’ve heard it repeatedly, and now perceive it as fact.

The demonization of corporate jet owners….

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  1. Of course it`s the governments money. They just let us use it a litle. But not to much. We might start thinking that it`s our money.

  2. Gann0n8r says:

    Since I get paid in Federal Reserve Notes, not real MONEY, I guess they're right. If it was REAL MONEY (see Constitution) I might get a little "uppity" over them taking it from me.

  3. Excellent op ed Susie. I have a dem friend who lately has told me I am UNAmreican and must be secretly rich because I believe that people who earn their money and have succeeded in life are entitled to keep that money. They already pay more taxes than I (who am not secretly rich but rather openly poor) do. This friend is convinced that if we taxed the rich, the oil companies, and business more, we'd make all the money we need to run the country. What he cannot see, and this seems to be a real problem with the DIMS, is no matter what we would take in, Ohblahblah would spend it, and we'd still be up that creek and not a paddle in sight.
    We have really messed up big time with this man in the WH. Now, the the Congress and Senate are afraid to impeach him because they are afraid of another civil rights uprising, AND they are afraid of losing their cushy jobs. So, now what? We just bend over and take it? Sorry, that just won't fly….we have to do SOMETHING…we KNOW that they know what's right, now how do we force them to do it???


  5. Obama has committed many impeachable offenses. He should have been impeached long time ago. He disregarded US Constitution, the highest law of USA. He can not even prove that he is a citizen of USA. The latest document displaying his perverted birthday certificate has been denounced by many experts, as a forgery. I believe that he is a usurper not legible to hold the office of a President of USA, so what are we waiting for? He has to be removed from the Presidency together with the whole of his corrupted administration before they will destroy completely our great Country. There is only one solution to revert the destruction of our Country and to move in opposite direction to save our Country and that is to IMPEACH OBAMA now!!!

  6. Ernest Brown says:

    Do we the people have a choice in the way our country is run? Obama don't think there is a smart brain among the whole bunch. And you know he might be right, including the repubs in congress. every one with the power
    to impeach the sorry SOB is sitting around with there finger up their ass. Its like they took a bunch of EX-LAX
    and they are afraid to remove their finger. Well tell them to remove their finger, clean up their mess and start
    the impeachment, we are tired of waiting, its like the mother said, I brought you into this world I can take you
    out. So lets get started, NOW

  7. Ernest Brown says:

    He has already proved he is not a citizen by not showing his BC

  8. Ernest Brown says:

    Our money used to be backed wtih gold, at that time they were silver certificates, now we have federal reserve
    notes, all counterfiet

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