Who Hates Everything American And Tells You About It On July 4th? This Guy Does…


I watch the enemy. My political enemies are those who hate America. Our enemies must be observed and analyzed in order to keep them in check and prevent them from winning their media propaganda war. “Know thine enemy.”

My targets change occasionally; but right now, my enemies in the media include MSNBC (Rachel Maddow, Christopher Hayes, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Lawrence O’Donnell, etc.); the NY Times (Paul Krugman, Maureen Dowd, etc.); The Daily Kos; the Daily Beast; and a whole host of other progressive liberal media channels who make their living from bashing the opposition Conservatives who only love America.

Of course, add to my ‘enemies list’ Slate and Salon, two early-days Internet rags that can always be counted on to smear, name-call, and falsely denigrate the American Right. Salon in particular has been somewhat effective as a pseudo-intellectual media source that has never met a Conservative it didn’t hate. Simpler minds are undoubtedly attracted to this kind of perverse trickery.

That’s the central characteristic of hateful liberals: they think they’re smarter than the rest of us Americans. They love using big words and complicated concepts to slam the rest of us. They have literally ‘gotten too big for their britches.’

Now that Salon’s man Obama is encountering hydra-headed scandals increasingly looking like mortal wounds for his reign, Salon has to take a different tack and utilize a different strategy. They can no longer write fawning, obsequious little ‘puff pieces’ as they did so regularly during the first six years of their chosen one’s terrorization of Americans. So of course, they are resorting to what all Conservatives like me hope is the ‘last, death-rattle’ of their political kind: hit pieces on the Right and attacks on America herself.

Nothing is more despicable than attacking America on Independence Day. Nothing could be more anti-American, anti-Capitalist, and anti-Freedom (or cowardly for that matter) than intentionally conceiving and writing an article on our nation’s birthday to smear and pillage this great nation.

But Salon has no compunction about smearing this country, our great military, and American Conservatives … no they don’t. In fact, that’s how they were born, how they grew, and how they continue to make money.

It is in this context that I now refer you, dear reader, to an article Salon published on the morning of Friday, July Fourth, our country’s 238th birthday. Entitled “We the people are violent and filled with rage: A nation spinning apart on its Independence Day” and sporting the sub-head, “School shootings, hatred and capitalism run amok: This 4th of July we are in the midst of a tragic public derangement,” I just had to read this article written by convicted, recidivist America-hater Jim Sleeper. I felt sick to my stomach after reading Sleeper’s headline. But just like getting a root-canal, lengthy back surgery, or a prostate examination, I had to do it; it was necessary. And so was this, my response.

Sleeper, as a writer for liberal mouthpieces HuffPo, NY Times, and The New Republic, has been a visible gun-control enthusiast. But never fear: Sleeper also loves other Conservative-bashing issues too; he’s a real egalitarian.

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