Who Cares What They Think?

Obama Saves SC Who Cares What They Think?

I just can’t seem to muster up any concern or care for the ignorant and still uninformed to which I am supposed to waste my time repeating what I have been saying for years.

Everyone knows about our failed President’s allegiance to terrorists and America-haters like Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, Hugo Chavez, and the Muslim Brotherhood. What else is there to say about his traitorous associates and his financial support for those buying weapons to kill us with the American taxpayer’s monies given to them by Barack Obama? If people aren’t aware of this by now, I don’t care if they never take another breath, let alone steal my time trying to educate them.

Everyone knows our failed President “saved” GM from a real bankruptcy by stealing the company from the investors who owned it and giving it to his union thug buddies (the same people that drove the company into bankruptcy in the first place), so the corrupt UAW would continue to support him with money and votes while stealing upwards of 30 BILLION dollars from the taxpayers to continue the corrupt contracts they would have lost under a real bankruptcy reorganization. If people aren’t aware of this by now, I don’t care if they never take another breath, let alone steal my time trying to educate them.

It is common knowledge amongst the non-brain dead that billions of dollars of stimulus monies have been misused and given to companies run by our failed President’s contributors and backers, companies like Solyndra. If people aren’t aware of this by now, I don’t care if they never take another breath, let alone steal my time trying to educate them.

All of the networks seem to care about what the least intelligent, most ignorant of the world, so-called undecided voters think.


They obviously haven’t paid any attention to the reality of the last 4 years. They obviously don’t have the capacity to think and are going through life blissfully unaware of what the difference between American capitalism and socialism and Marxism. If they did not know enough to make this decision 4 years ago, I don’t care if they never take another breath, let alone steal my time trying to educate them.

Ignorance is bliss.

I can’t muster up the enthusiasm to care if they live, never mind try to appeal to an obviously non-existent modicum of intelligence in the vacuum of their minds.

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  1. disgusted says:

    I don’t care either, in fact, I stopped caring in 2008. Why bother to care, because they already sold us and our country down the river to the mu SLIME in office. And branded those of us who dared to disagree with them, or dislike, or, even HATE him because we all knew what he was before he was wrongly, and dishonestly portrayed as an American! Anyone with half a brain, or even less of one, should have known what he is, the name alone should have blown fuses across the nation as this hit the airwaves. Barack HUSSEIN Obama? You mean to tell me that no one NOTICED this name as being mu SLIME? And not that long after September 11, 2001, and AFTER the “WE WILL NEVER FORGET” phrase that was the mantra afterwards. Our nation had only been attacked a few short years prior to this freak inserting himself into the running, and all because he is of a darker skin color, the STUPID public fell all over to support, and vote for this unknown, from supposedly, Chicago……..but no one really knows where he truly IS from, the lies that have been told since then are in the hundreds, or perhaps even more. But, from the first, THE NAME ALONE should have been a warning to all Americans, to vet this being, this thing who spoke so easily the lies of “hope and change”, and no one asked exactly what he had in mind regarding these things. At least, not enough questioned a thing about this freak. The “media” fell on their faces in worship and adoration when speaking of him, with glowing phrases, and compliments. And, they all knew that there was something distinctly shady, wrong, about him, yet, they sung his praises, and reviled anyone who dared to question him! The RUDENESS of these so called “journalists” was in the extreme, it was a shameful display of supression of free speech and free thought. Since then, it has gotten so much worse and so much covering up by these liars, who still parade around as “journalists, and reporters” that we now trust no one of their rank and file. The thing is that the TRUTH can be found, IF WE BOTHER TO LOOK FOR IT, and SEE IT WHEN IT SLAPS US IN THE FACE! The TRUTH is that we are in worse shape than we have ever been, regarding our “leaders” who are determined to ruin us and our once great nation. Our debt is tremendous, our safety is at danger, our freedoms are being stolen one item at a time, our jobs are gone, gas at the pumps is twice as high as it was when this lying thief took office, and still, he blames it on Bush, or anyone else he can shrug it off on. This murder in Benghazi is another disaster that could have been avoided, but this freak did not want it avoided, he and his comrades, his czars, did not want it any different than it turned out to be. This freak is a dangerous, wicked, evil, ANTI American in every sense of the word. His CRIMES should be shouted from the rooftops of every home in America, there should by now, be no one who is able to claim ignorance of what and who he is, and who he most supports, for he himself said that he would side with his mu SLIME brothers and sisters if push came to shove……….and this PUSH did come to SHOVE, and Ambassador Stephens lost his life as a result, he and three others died because, BECAUSE OF THIS MU SLIME IN OFFICE WANTED IT THAT WAY! To me, there is no other way to see it, because, “if it walks/waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck”, and this freak walks like a MU SLIME, speaks/LIES like a MU SLIME, and so IS A MU SLIME! How ANYONE can miss this is one of the world’s greatest mysteries to me. He IS not a Christian! He is A MUSLIME! And as the writer of this article says, if they haven’t figured this out yet, then I really don’t care what they think, and I REALLY don’t care if they take another breath! In fact, it would be BETTER FOR OUR COUNTRY IF THEY JUST STOPPED BREATHING! It would COST us less, and it WOULD SAVE US ANOTHER FOUR YEARS OR MORE MAYBE, OF THIS FILTHY PEICE OF GARBAGE THAT GOES BY THE NAME OF Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the Destroyer in Office! If those who are still undecided, can’t decide, then I wish they would DECIDE TO TAKE AN AIRPLANE, A BOAT, A SHIP, OR SWIM, and LEAVE OUR COUNTRY! For all intents and purposes, they SERVE NO PURPOSE AT ALL. They waste perfectly good air, and eat food that the rest of us need! Leave. Please, just leave if you want to live as the SLIME do in the third world countries live. Because that is what we are headed for if you continue to SUPPORT THE CURRENT DESTROYER/DISEASE/MU SLIME AGAIN! The rest of us have no desire to see this happen, and to live as you idioits apparently do.

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