Whites are Inherently Privileged According to Common Core Lesson Plan


The federal public school curriculum known as Common Core has come under constant fire from conservative groups who feel its lessons contain either latent or direct leftist ideals. One organization, EAGnews, has kept a close eye on associated course materials, and recently found something disturbing tucked away in a literature textbook meant for fourth grade classes.

Teachers using the resources are expected to assign a two-week lesson on a particular book, “The Jacket,” that paints racial relations in a damaging light, the group claims.

Telling the story of a white child who falsely claims a black child took his brother’s coat, the book by Andrew Clements has been either praised or criticized — depending on the source’s viewpoint — for its embrace of white privilege rhetoric.

Such lessons teach students that society intrinsically bestows more favor on white citizens than minorities. As such, the belief concludes, all non-whites are at a permanent and insurmountable disadvantage.

According to a review of the book, the white protagonist “has to ask himself the question: Would he have made the same assumption if the boy wearing the jacket hadn’t been African American?”

Students are supposed to study the book’s story as part of an overall lesson dealing with “Meeting Challenges,” though the book itself seems to present some challenges of its own.

With racial tension already at a fever pitch thanks largely to race hustlers in the media who profit from such discord, discussions of white privilege will only stoke the existing animosity. While minorities could likely view whites as an enemy, the constant barrage will make the majority feel either guilt or bitterness.

Instead of teaching students that they all have the potential for great success, the message of race and class warfare more accurately mesh with the prevailing leftist sentiment.

This example is just one of many Common Core lessons designed to indoctrinate students with an ideology many parents would find wholly inappropriate. Though diligent media sources are able to root out a percentage of these outrageous plans, parents must remain active in the next generation’s education.

Now, more than ever before, essential skills are taking a backseat to leftist propaganda.

–Western Journalism staff writer

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Does common core teach how blacks are mostly lazy looking for whites to work to take care of them in welfare,food stamps so they can sit home and watch Oprah and do drugs.I don't think so.Common Core is just another example of teaching kids how great socialism is.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Common Core is not only dumbing down American students, it is also Racist!

  3. Common Core is going to dumb down our kids and have them all talking like they are from the hood! It also rewords our constitutional rights!! DOWN WITH COMMON CORE!

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