White House Threatens Veto Of GOP Budget Bill

White House SC 300x225 White House Threatens Veto Of GOP Budget Bill

The White House says President Barack Obama would veto a Republican budget bill that swaps cuts to domestic programs like food stamps for cuts scheduled to hit the Pentagon and domestic agencies alike in January.

The GOP-dominated House is scheduled to vote on the measure Thursday.

The White House says that Congress should instead work with him to produce a larger deficit-cutting package blending new tax revenues with cuts across the federal budget. That’s unlikely before the election.

Read More at OfficialWire. By Andrew Taylor, AP.

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  1. Well of course you will veto the bill then you can say the republicans don't want a budget bill. We all know how you think and nobody is paying you a dimes notice anymore. We don't care what you say because we know it is all lies. We know we have to keep an eye on your right hand to know what the left hand id doing at all times.

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