White House Prepares Lois Lerner For Burial In IRS Scandal

Build It IRS Will Come SC White House prepares Lois Lerner for burial in IRS scandal

On May 21st, leftist bloggers and columnists were summoned to the West Wing for the purpose of planning the summary execution of IRS Exempt Organizations Director Lois Lerner. Two of the three known to have attended the meeting—Josh Marshall and Ezra Klein–published scathing attacks against Lerner the very next day, just as the IRS fall-girl was butchering a well-publicized 5th Amendment pleading before Darrell Issa’s House Government Oversight Committee.

The call for Lerner’s scalp was immediately seconded by Democrat congressman and Committee ranking member Elijah Cummings, who stated that Lerner “…should be fired for her role in the scandal.” Massachusetts Democrat Stephen Lynch went so far as to compare Lerner’s targeting of conservative organizations with “…the practice of tyrannical regimes that enact human rights on paper but fail to honor them in practice.”

Let’s face it: Democrats don’t do this to dependable, fellow leftists unless under order by their superiors. In the late 1990’s, while at the Federal Election Commission, Lerner launched an investigation against the Christian Coalition. She undoubtedly won her current job as a result of that thoroughly corrupt action, it being known she would continue the same sort of unscrupulous targeting of conservative and Christian organizations at the IRS!

Yet now the left is turning on her. She received criminally incompetent legal advice for her 5th Amendment declaration, advice from a law firm with strong connections to Barack Obama and the Administration. Certainly, the Regime does not want Lerner to testify before Issa’s committee; so why did her attorney open the legal door, allowing committee Republicans to claim Lerner had waived her 5th Amendment privilege?

News of the IRS scandal was released by Lerner 2 weeks ago when she “suddenly” admitted that the Service had been targeting conservative groups for extra scrutiny. Does anyone think that a revelation so damaging to the Administration could have originated with Lerner (or with former Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller, who claimed to have dreamed up the planted question scheme that made the corruption public)? Clearly, this well-publicized admission of guilt was arranged with the full knowledge and approval of the White House.

So Lerner was ordered (or at least agreed) to play the role of sacrificial lamb; admit to wrongdoing that violated IRS rules; and face, well, who knows what sort of future difficulties at the hands of congressional Republicans (or perhaps the federal courts.)

Would she not demand some guarantee of Executive Branch protection in return for such a public leap upon the sword?

On Friday, Lerner was asked to resign by new IRS acting commissioner Danny Werfel. She refused and was promptly placed on administrative leave (or as non-federal employees would call it, paid vacation.)  Lerner probably knows who originally orchestrated the corrupt IRS targeting of conservative groups (and perhaps a whole lot more), which could prove embarrassing at the very least to Barack Obama and the Regime. If she senses betrayal at the hands of her liberal friends, she might make a deal with Issa for immunity. That would be the last thing Barack Obama would want.

It’s difficult to imagine that Obama’s people could so completely botch a scheme whose only purpose was to get bad news out ahead of the Inspector General’s report on IRS corruption. But they have clearly plotted the demise of longtime liberal activist Lois Lerner. And that is usually the last resort of someone who finds he has bungled everything else along the way.

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  1. Not only Lerrner but it goes higher than that and those higher-ups responsible also must be held accountable.

    • jon graham says:

      remember they asked her to resign and she said go stick it.. she has to much on them so they gave her a life long paid vacation

    • fuklibs says:

      Its going higher up alright all the way to abuthole~! Cant wait until, that nigero gets crusifide

  2. Linda A. From NY says:

    This is a live soap opera happening before our eyes, just sit back and enjoy the explosion coming from Lerner very soon, now that she realizes that she has been thrown under the bus by the obama regime. Stay tune is going to get very hot.

  3. The Archon says:

    You know people in Lerner's situation have a peculiar way of inexplicably 'disappearing'. Assassins are real, ya know…as are the orders to hire them that come from the upper echelons of the g'ment. Some things aren't just fiction, as the nation is finally starting to wake up and realize…

  4. The Archon says:

    You know: I've noted that through history; people who find themselves in Lerner's situation have a peculiar way of inexplicably 'disappearing'.
    Assassins are real, you know…as are the orders to hire them that come from the upper echelons of the g'ment. Some things aren't just fiction, as the nation is finally starting to wake up and realize…
    I'm betting that Lerner either magically changes her mind, or she goes AWOL, and cannot be located. I'm soooo sure an investigation will be conducted, too…

  5. See how the Demacraps do this woman will get the blame so Ovmit will walk free He and the libs will kill and lie to cover there butts put the blame on someone else she is stupid to take the fall I would drag alot of them with me

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