White House Inexcusably Defends ‘Most Transparent’ Claim

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As a candidate, Barack Obama promised that his administration would be the most transparent in American history. Six years into his presidency, however, critics from both sides of the aisle have called him to task for stonewalling not only the American people, but the journalists who rely on information to do their job.

Incredibly, however, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest appeared on CNN recently to reaffirm that campaign promise.

“I have a responsibility in this job to try to help the president live up to his commitment to be the most transparent president in history,” he said.

When challenged on his continued use of the phrase, Earnest said he thinks the Obama administration is “absolutely” the most open, suggesting that issues between the White House and the press are just indicative of their natural relationship.

“They’re all journalists,” he said of the 38 organization behind a recent letter sent to Obama. “The day they sort of sit back and say, you know, we don’t need to write a letter, the White House is telling us everything that they’re supposed to, is the day that they’re no longer doing their jobs.”

Of course, plenty on the right are convinced that this White House is far less forthcoming than it has been under previous presidents.

The American Conservative’s Jim Pinkerton recently appeared on Fox News to share his view on the subject.

“What can you say except the entire journalistic professional establishment disagrees with the paid spokesperson for the Obama White House about how transparent they are?” he asked.

Pinkerton went on to suggest that Obama is actually held to a lower standard due to his status among many in the leftist media.

“Because it’s the Obama administration … the media aren’t as up in arms as they could be,” he concluded.

Photo credit: Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

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