White House: Abortion OK, But Visitors Must Register Unborn Children

White House SC 300x225 White House: Abortion OK, But Visitors Must Register Unborn Children

The Obama administration is plenty content with legalized abortion and funding abortions with taxpayer funds, but when it comes to Americans visiting the White House, they must register their unborn children when they check in at the front door.

The Director of the White House Visitor’s Office, Ellie Shafer, today distributed an email newsletter to members of Congress and others providing detailed instructions on how to register an unborn child (“a baby that has not yet been born,” as Shafer puts it) into the security system the White House uses to arrange group tours.

“We have received a number of calls regarding how to enter security information for a baby that has not yet been born,” Shafer wrote. “Crazy as it may sound, you MUST include the baby in the overall count of guests in the tour. It’s an easy process.”

According to the National Right to Life Committee, which obtained a copy of the newsletter, the White House spells out how “the baby’s security information should be entered” into the White House system. Staff must include such details as the baby’s sex, if known.

“GENDER: if the parents know put that gender down if not, you can enter either M or F as we’ll ask you to update it at the time of birth,” the instructions say. All of the information should be updated “once, the baby is born,” the newsletter instructs.

Read More at lifenews.com. By Steven Ertelt.

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