White Boogeymen And Black Supervillains

Al Sharpton SC White Boogeymen And Black Supervillains

I have searched the Hood high and low looking for its supervillains. This search has yielded a Rogues Gallery of colorful characters, most of whom are themselves Hood residents.

The White Boogeyman has yet to cross my path.

While conservative men, immigrant businessmen, and capitalism generally are Black America’s preferred scapegoats; homegrown hell-raisers get a pass.

Our supervillain lens seems set to ignore the supervillain culture urging youth to be ever more vulgar and violent.

This lens also does cultural editing where daily Black shooters I call chocolate Klansmen are deleted in favor of the occasional police officer or non-Black citizen shooting one of us.

Black supervillains have it made.

They have their own high profile lobbyists, like Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, and civil rights organizations like the NAACP to propose softening penalties for their crimes.

Any wrong they do can always be blamed, no matter how improbably, on the likes of Mitt Romney or…Rush Limbaugh.

Black supervillains are never at fault for what they do and thus enjoy unlimited license to destroy even more generations while the Black mainstream contents itself to look for White boogeymen.

This deadly serious game of White Boogeymen and Black Supervillains has nearly destroyed the inner city, has Black popular culture on life support, and promises to forever remove most American Blacks from contention as competitors in this marketplace.

It’s hard for me as an anti-crime activist to ignore the surplus of Black supervillains around me in the inner city, in favor of distant White boogeymen.

Loving thugs who refuse to repent is literally costing us everything!

Crime fighting, like charity, begins at home!


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Photo Credit: North Dallas Gazette (Creative Commons)


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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Just look at that ugly face of Al Sharpton a reverend with out a church.Never had one and most likely hasn't been inside too many.This snake is a superhero to the uneducated blacks because of the hatred he preaches against the whites.He is like chavez he steals from the poor and they still think he's great.another supervillian is the Reverend Jackson who doesn't do a lick of work because of his ability to shakedown copanies.He should have raised his son better instead of screwing all those women and sireing love children.

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