Whistleblower Tells American Patriot That Obamacare Destroys Health Coverage

Obama Santa Obamacare Aint Free SC Whistleblower Tells American Patriot that Obamacare Destroys Health Coverage

The so-called “Affordable Care Act” Is Forcing Private Companies to Take Drastic Actions

Henderson, Nevada (United States) (OFFICIAL WIRE) July 10, 2012

A private-sector whistleblower tells American Patriot that his or her employee health coverage has been demolished by Obamacare. The documentation that the individual provided exposes the fact that private sector companies are being forced to either drastically reduce employee health coverage, or raise individual rates by a burdensome amount.

“Another lie from the Obama administration has been exposed,” said Charles Benninghoff, Publisher of American Patriot. “Based on the evidence that was provided to us, we now know that many American workers are already being impacted negatively by Obamacare.”

Among the evidence that American Patriot has published, the source’s employer asked for an exemption from Obamacare until 2013 in order to avoid providing $1.25 million in coverage for every worker. Once the exemption was granted, the employee benefits were reduced to just 10 percent of what was originally provided.

“Our source and other Americans with health problems now have to make a painful choice,” said Benninghoff. “They can either find their own coverage, which will be even more expensive, or go on the government-run Obamacare scheme. Most Americans don’t want to opt for a government program, but they’re being forced into it – which was the plan of the Obama administration all along.”

American Patriot believes that Obamacare was crafted under false pretenses, and should therefore be overturned by Congress and replaced with a private-sector solution.
 The documentation proving that Obamacare is destroying private sector health coverage can be read at the American Patriot website.

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  1. well most of us had pretty much already figured that out. And then when most or all have xxxcare – it will become just like socialist countries where U do not get the medical care you may need. And if you do, you have to stand in line – wait your turn – and Not by how bad you need it NOW.

  2. David F. says:

    Yeah, like no one saw that one coming (yes, that would be sarcasm…I know, I know, we can't have any of that now or else it will cost us extra since we have 1 extra bone in our bodies…the funny bone). I think there should also be a link to the article that came out today, where England's Healthcare system is sending people away to be "Euthanized". Oh, I just found it, so here's the link: http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/1300000-elderly-

  3. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    Oshamo has convinced me that he is detestable in every way — As each day passes, more and more people are despising Oshamo and his ilk..Pray hard for the conservatives in Congress — they need our help to drain the swamp of the Dictator Liberals currently occupying our government offices. God Damn Obama!

    • Disgusted says:

      Not Fooled, Honey, this peice of pig dung had me convinced the first time I saw the name Barack HUSSAIN Obama, and then when I first looked at that ugly, lying, ape like face, I almost puked on the spot! Since then, I get sick to my stomach each time I even hear that name, and it is worse when I hear it combined with the once honorable word, title, “President”. This Disease is not a president, this thing is the Infection that America did not need, nor really want. I say “AMERICA” becaue Americans are America, and those of us who are true, honest, real Patriots, DID NOT WANT HIM ANYWHERE NEAR OUR CAPITOL! And we certianly did not want him sitting, in the Oval Office, turning it into the OFFAL office. An Offal Office is called a BATHROOM, with the facilities to use for that bodily function! I guess no one told the idiots who voted for this King Turd of Shite Mountain about toilets, and what their use is. No, this thing in office has fouled up every aspect of the nation, and everything he so much as looks at, never mind, touches, turns to absolute sh#%!!!!! This is no accident, this was his ultimate goal, his plan, to murder us as a people, as a nation. And what he has done is nothing short of the Murder of America! Do we want a murderer in office for another 4, FOUR YEARS?

  4. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Who didn't already know this fact? Oblameo made 3 promises to push through this disaster.
    "If you like and want to keep your health insurance you will be able to keep it"
    FALSE. As you can see by this article, that is false
    "There will be no new taxes on the middle class"
    FALSE. This will be the LARGEST TAX increase in America's history on the middle class.
    "Rates for health care insurance will not rise."
    FALSE. Before complete installation of this abomination, families are already seeing their rates double.

    Now wait until we find out what ELSE is in this monster. That's right. We STILL don't know what all is in it.

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