You Won’t Believe Which 5 States Have The Most Segregated Schools…

Will this lead to busing so liberals can feel good about themselves?

A new report from the UCLA Civil Rights Project has named New York’s schools the most segregated in America. Other deep blue Democrat controlled states like Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, and New Jersey were cited just behind New York for maintaining the most segregated schools in the nation.  While the absence of both Detroit and Washington DC from the top of this list makes its conclusions suspect, the fact remains: New York and the rest of these oh-so-Blue states are very segregated.

In the latest period for which records are available (1989-2011), the percentage of white students attending New York City’s public schools declined from 21.3% to just 14.5%, the report said.

The fact that New York is run by a far Left cabal of “Working Families Party” officials suggests that forced busing of white public school children is a real possibility. That this “remedy” for racially imbalanced public schools was a crashing failure when it was inflicted on the people of Boston in the 1970s means nothing to the far Left.

Starting in the fall of 1974, Boston was torn apart by The Racial Imbalance Act, a Massachusetts state law which demanded that white public school students be bused into predominately black schools.

Liberals thought this would solve all of their “racial imbalance” problems and ease their consciences. They were wrong.

The numbers from Boston’s experience with this social experiment speak volumes about why busing is a bad idea that can inflict serious damage on a big city’s public school system.

In the 14 years Boston public schools employed forced busing as its remedy to a supposed racial imbalance problem, enrollment fell from 100,000 to 57,000; and just 15% of those students were white.

So what happened?

Whites moved out of Boston and/or sent their children to private schools, as they will should New York’s mayor Comrade de Blasio adopt forced busing as a general policy in his city.

A single sentence from Michael Goodwin’s March 2, 2014 New York Post column says it all about people’s willingness to pack up and flee: “One friend says 10 wealthy people have told him they are leaving and another says disgusted New Yorkers bought $1 billion in residential property in Florida since the November election [of Comrade  Bill de Blasio].”

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I believe that the northern states are more of segregationists the the southern states.You have to remember that the northern states have better press relations then the southerners.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Obviously the most progressive states are the most divided, like obama dividing and destroying this nation from within. Blacks against whites, poor against rich, divide and conquer is the only thing progressives know!

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