Where Was This Backbone Before The Election?

General David Petraeus SC Where was this backbone before the election?

Smoke has been used to mask the movement of military units to disorient or drive off attackers. In politics, smoke screens are something said or done in order to hide the truth. The Petraeus scandal with the smoke provided by the liberal mainstream media has redirected attention away from the murders of Americans in Benghazi.


The surprising resignation of CIA director David Petraeus and the sideshow it created was the perfect smoke screen this administration needed. The continuous revelations created the drama that keeps the loyal Obama audience entertained. It has the sex, the drama, and the execution of a Hollywood production. The premise of the movie “Wag the Dog” was: a campaign spin doctor and a Hollywood film producer construct a fake war to divert attention away from a sex scandal. The press willingly plays along with the current scenario; the tail is wagging the dog, and the foolish masses are none the wiser. This time, a high-level official sex scandal smoke screen is distracting attention away from the murder of an American Ambassador. The only unknown is the name of the Hollywood producer.


Victor Davis Hanson asked the questions on the mind of many conservatives: who are these women, and where do they get their power? One question Mr. Hanson may have overlooked is: to whom do they owe loyalties, and who gave the FBI the authority to investigate top government officials before the election?  This Administration knew about the women and the general for months and had to authorize the investigations. Everything else reads like a well-prepared script from “Law and Order” including the consensual midnight raid on a house of former CIA director Petraeus’ alleged mistress. Who writes this stuff?


The President and Mrs. Clinton were behind Ambassador Susan Rice in her early effort to play off the Benghazi murders as a result of a YouTube video.  She went on five Sunday morning talk shows to protect Obama’s appeasement policy towards the Muslim Brotherhood.  Obama has a tendency to hide behind the skirt of his mommy, or a substitute mommy to conceal his insecurities. When Republican Senators threatened to block the possible nomination of Ms. Rice to the appointment of Secretary of State, Mr. Obama behaved like a child losing one of his favorite skirted shields and challenged them. In a rare moment of clarity, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham sent a message to Obama: “Mr. President, don’t think for one minute I don’t hold you ultimately responsible for Benghazi. I think you failed as Commander in Chief before, during, and after the attack.”  Where was this backbone before the election?

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  1. Sign the petition to have a new election or to have recount of the election https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/recount

  2. Sign the petition to have a new election or to have recount of the election https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/recount

  3. Linda From NY says:

    The news media keeps talking about Petraeus's Affair, using it as a smoke screen, while the deaths of 4 Americans are being ignor as if it had never happen. I for one, when watching the news and they start about talking these women and Petraeus' affair, I change the channel. Perhaps it would be a good idea to boycott some of these tv stations that are covering and protecting this bum in white house. Their ratings will go down and lose advertising business. I am sure their got to be another way to get our locals news, perhaps on the internet. I am tire of all these people's disloyality to our Country. Traitors!!

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