Where Is The GOP’s Better Deal?

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Businesses created more than 200,000 new jobs for the sixth straight month. Second-quarter gross domestic product rebounded by 4 percent from the winter-weather doldrums. And the Manufacturing ISM Report exceeded all expectations, with big gains in new orders and employment.

So on the surface, the economy is looking better. And as a result, the Federal Reserve is on the cusp of a new and less-stimulating policy cycle — which is a big reason why stocks sold off this week. A lot of investors are wondering what happens when the Fed takes its foot off the accelerator. Will burdensome tax and regulatory policies prevent any sort of economic breakout?

But let me throw in another uncertainty: politics. What is the Republican response to all this?

Yes, the GOP is favored to win the Senate. But I wouldn’t be so confident. Polling shows many key races are up for grabs. The numbers are close.

And here’s what I see as a big part of the problem: Instead of putting forth a clear growth message — like a new Contract with America — congressional Republicans this week voted for a lawsuit challenging President Barack Obama’s abuse of executive power.

Now, suing the president is different from impeaching the president. But is it so different in the public’s eye? And don’t most people think this lawsuit will go nowhere? And isn’t this just a big distraction from key issues, such as the economy, tax reform, regulatory rollbacks, immigration reform, and rewriting Obamacare?

In other words, is the GOP sending voters a clear message about what it will do if it captures the Senate and House?

Let’s circle back to the economy. I’m all for good news, but the current expansion has registered only 2.1 percent annual growth — the lowest in the post-World War II period — and is $1.6 trillion below the economy’s long-run potential to grow.

And at least 19 million Americans are underemployed. The so-called U-6 labor-impairment rate, followed closely by the head of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, increased slightly to 12.2 percent in July. And measured against long-term trends, there are still about 6 million missing jobs. To get back to normal, businesses would have to create nearly 400,000 jobs a month by the end of the president’s second term.

Take-home pay is also lagging. Wages remain soft at only 2 percent year on year. After-tax income, adjusted for inflation, is rising only 2.3 percent annually.

So while the newest numbers look better, we are still living way below our potential. I say this not to be a pessimist but to point out that we can do better. But I also want to underscore my concern that the Republicans are not offering a better deal.

What’s the GOP plan to increase take-home pay? Or to cut business taxes for large and small companies that would not only increase growth and jobs but throw 70 percent of the benefits to wage earners? And what happened to monetary reform that would boost King Dollar?

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  1. RoBotech says:

    Here we go again.
    To see the GOP's plan for economic recovery (economy and jobs), all you have to do is look through the 320 PLUS bils passed by the House, that is filed under "Cat Poop" in Harry Reid's office!
    Kudlow is just another Progressive dolt trying to push the Meme that the GOP are obstructioniusts.
    Kudlow, just because you insane Commies don't like the plan, doesn't mean there's no plan.
    And there are many that DO like the plans.
    You, like the other insane dolts, are about to find out how many.
    But don't let the FACT that 30+% of VOTERS want Obama impeached, or 60% of VOTERS want the House and Senate controlled by the GOP to slow Obama down (and THAT means a lot of Commiecrats want that, too!), or that Rasmussen has the GOP ahead on the Generic Congessional Ballot by 4%, the most since 2010. And it's only August!
    Folks, the Commies are running scared and are desperate. We will see MANY more articles like this one, and they WILL get snarkier and down right insulting, by the end of the year.
    The Democrats KNOW there will be a GOP President next, and that's why they are after Gingsburg to retire from SCOTUS, as they are afraid she won't go until a GOP president is in the white house, AND, come Jan 2015, the GOP will have the Senateouse, and Obama will play Hades to get a Commie Judge in after that.
    Watch and see.

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