When This Group Comes To Washington, Obama Won’t Be Able To Ignore This


A number of prominent advocacy groups are joining forces to send a clear message to Washington, D.C. that its attitude toward the surge of illegals across our southern border is both illegal and dangerous.

According to a press release, an effort known as ‘Make Them Listen’ will employ protesters across the nation – including Alaska and Hawaii – willing to display signs and voice outrage over the current federal policy of de facto amnesty. Among the concerns expressed by organizers is the fact that the ongoing influx of illegals is bringing with it an increased risk of disease and violence.

Border agents are being subjected to illnesses that would generally be caught through the legal immigration process, coordinators claim, while terrorist networks are capable of using the porous border to infiltrate the U.S. with deadly intentions.

“American taxpayers are being forced to bear the financial burden involved in the transportation, care, schooling, and legal costs as a result of taking in these illegal aliens,” the press release stated.

Soon after announcing his intention to hold the two-day protest, Paul Arnold received support from a number of likeminded advocates, including such groups as America Working, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, Americans Have Had Enough Coalition, MINNSIR, Overpasses for America, and 2 Million Bikers to DC.

More than 1,000 individuals have expressed their intention to participate in the nationwide demonstration as of Monday morning. ‘Make Them Listen’ is scheduled to take place July 18 and 19.

In addition to overpasses and other highly visible locations, protests are set to be held at state capitals and Mexican consulates across the U.S.

A Facebook event listing expresses three distinct messages the event is designed to deliver to representatives in every state.

Any form of amnesty for illegals is NOT acceptable.

The current surge of illegals crossing our borders is NOT acceptable and must be stopped.

Our borders MUST be secured and our current laws enforced.

For more information, visit the event page here.

Photo Credit: Flickr [Bruce Washburn]

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