When Stupid Morphs Into Evil

Marco Rubio Official SC When stupid morphs into evil

Democrats are liars, and liars lie. Most of us learn this very early in life. Some of us never forget this, but some people prefer to delude themselves: “The people in my circle aren’t liars; they’re good people or I would not associate with them.” Unfortunately, for us, most elected Democrats are liars; and most elected Republicans are too dense to recognize this and treat them accordingly.

Does Marco Rubio realize Chuck Schumer is a liar? After dealing with him and his fellow Democrats for a few years, it’s hard to see how he couldn’t recognize Schumer as a liar. He has said so himself on occasion when Schumer has laughed at the idea of securing our borders. Yet Rubio and Kelly Ayotte and Lindsey Graham and John McCain and almost all Senate Republicans soldier on as if they are involved in an honest discussion with honest people honestly trying to fix a system they honestly believe is broken, without regard for the political ramifications of the changes they are honestly considering.

If you think there are far too many “honestly(s)” in these negotiations for Democrats to live up to, the chances are you’re too smart to be a Republican Senator.

Since it is far too great a stretch to believe that all of these people could be sufficiently stupid to believe these Democrat liars, something else, something much worse must be driving Senate Republicans. The inescapable conclusion is that they have morphed from stupid to evil (granting that they were stupid to begin with).

No one smart enough to tie his or her shoes can fail to see that erasing our borders and granting amnesty to at least 11 million people who will bring another 40 million people with them will swamp our society in ill-educated aliens who want only to take from America until she is bled white. No one who can find his or her way to the Senate’s office building each without help can believe that the best way to solve this “problem” is to allow amnesty to these burglars BEFORE closing our border – if indeed that ever happens.

The only logical conclusion is that Senate Republicans are evil people who don’t care about America. They no longer deserve the benefit of a doubt. Prove me wrong.

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  1. RacerJim says:


  2. Al Metcalf says:

    The solution to all of our troubles is two fold.
    First we must get 2/3rds of all of the States to sign on to a Constitutional Convention. I know over two thirds want to leave the Union, but this is not a good solution, leaving the Union merely makes our nation weaker. A CC will make us infinitely stronger because in this Convention we can limit all terms of every elected bureaucrat in office. No second terms to anyone, periodd. One term and you are out of office. We can also set the salaries, working hours and benefits. Salaries and such can be on the GSA Schedule. We can abolish the Privatley owned Federal Reserve and the Privately owned IRS. In fact we can put this government on a diet of taxes based on GDP. Only let the fed collect revenue from Import, export and excise taxes. This connects the government to production of the Nation.
    We can re-institute a National Reserve System directly under the U.S. Treasury with a State Reserve Bank in each State to control the currency in the State. This wll get the International thieves out of our government. and with the IRS out of business we will have half of our troubles gone….

    • Al Metcalf says:

      Now we can start dismanteling the entire Federal Government and put it back where it belongs, in the background behind all States Rights….
      This can happen and we 'the people' of each of the several states can do it. The Tea Party is the perfect vehicle to use for this purpose because they are already active in all States.
      Think about it – a Nation of Free People who are involved in the Freedom of each and every State……
      With closed borders and a Immigration system controlled so immigration can never overrun us ever again

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