When Hate Crimes Aren’t Hate Crimes In Obama’s America

Obama MLK Content Of Character Gauge SC When hate crimes aren’t hate crimes In Obama’s America

In Barack Obama’s Department of Justice, “hate crimes” where the perpetrator is Black are ignored; and those where Whites or Hispanics stand accused are rocketed through the federal courts.

Of course, this is not a novel observation; but a recent case coming out of Compton, California in which an Hispanic gang committed an “interracial hate crime” underlines the ridiculous disparity in how “hate crimes” are handled by the DOJ.

Recently, two members of a street gang calling itself the “NKs” (which stands for N%%^#$ Killers) were indicted for chasing an African-American juvenile through the streets for the “crime” of living in “their territory.” This took place on December 31, 2012. They “yelled racial slurs (and) demanded the youth and his friends move away and broke a window.” There is no more to these “charges.”

Describing this “dastardly” crime, an FBI agent (doubtlessly speaking in somber tones) said:“No one should tolerate violence based on the color of their skin or live in fear based on the hatred of others.” If Obama’s federal government lived by this rule, it would be a beautiful thing; but promoting racial hatred and shielding those who commit hate crimes is his real goal.

Consider these crimes, none of which were treated as hate crimes:

In Jacksonville, solely because he was White, several Black men kicked a mentally disabled White man to death.

In Massachusetts, four Black men stabbed a White man to death because they wanted to kill a White man.

In Indiana, a Black man shot gunned seven White people to death because he has a “deep rooted HATRED of White people.”

In North Carolina, four Black teenagers kidnapped, raped, and murdered a White woman and admitted doing so “for racial reasons.”

In Alexandria, Virginia, a Black man searching for a victim walked into the front yard of a White home owner and, while shouting racial epithets, slit his eight year old great-grandchild’s throat.  At the time of this attack, he had been previously arrested for attacking a White man with a hammer for no apparent reason while calling his victim “whitey.”

What makes this case especially infuriating is that the FBI withheld information about the perpetrator, and this disgusting conduct was supported by a Democrat city council member who commented: “What they did was proper. We already live in a racially charged world.” Yes we do, and Obama’s DoJ is making things worse.

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  1. we the people,who are the real government,the longer we allow this ineligible treasonous musmutt vile piece of feces,to remain in the wh,the longer ovomit/satan and a/g holdup and his un american adminstration,will continue with this un american treason,i call on the nra/wayne/amac/john birch society/all freedom loving,god fearing legal american veterans/citizens,to come together under one giant freedom umbrella,and allowing this 535 un american treasonous traitor in his adminstration,to sit back and do nothing,to bring this treasonous threat to we the people,and the constitituion,are violating there oath of office,for which they took,to be in office,to protect and defend,we the people,and the constitituion,from all terrorists,foreign and domestic,we no longer have a government,we have tyranny,that when ever any form of government,becomes destructiveof these ends,it is the right of the people,to alter or abolish it,and to institute new government.good bless we the people

  2. spelunker7 says:

    Sixty million voters approve of the inequitable racial policies of our dictator,so they reelected him for a second term. Millions of Republican seem, to approve as well,.so they did not vote against him. Thereby, assuring his reeclection.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Crime is crime and if you kill a person because they're gay or black you should get the same punishment as a white person killing another white or a black killing a black.What makes killing now being categorized by this political correctness bullshit.

  4. Who would expect any better out of this anti-GOD liberal

  5. Obama and Eric Holder are both criminals watching out for one another's back. Notice when Holder was getting too close to being convicted of gun running Obama stepped in. Holder said Obama didn't know anything about it, yet it was proven that he knew a lot more than Holder wanted to admitt. Obama said drop it for Holder's protection. BOTH SHOULD BE PUT IN THE FEDERAL PIN,and the keys thrown away.
    Obama had planned for Stevens to be kidnapped and he was goping to trade the blind sheek for stevens back to make him(Obama)look good at election time. Call your senators or write or e-mail ask for IMPEACHMENT of Obama in MARCH.

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