What Would Thomas Jefferson Do?

Thomas Jefferson SC What Would Thomas Jefferson Do?

I am sure you are all aware of the bracelets, t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc. imprinted with that wonderful slogan, “What Would Jesus Do?” You see them everywhere. They are meant to make you ask yourself if you are doing the “right” thing, if you are doing what is good for all of mankind.

This afternoon, I was on my way home from an appointment, and the car in front of me at a red light had one of those WWJD bumper stickers. Right next to the “WWJD” sticker was a faded “OBAMA/BIDEN 2008″ sticker. That set my mind to wondering what Jesus would do about our present economic and political situation. I thought to myself, “Would Jesus march through the streets, beseeching people to wake up and demand their rights as citizens of the greatest nation on Earth? Would he storm the Temple (Congress) and vociferously berate those who dared desicrate that marvelous bastion of Freedom?”

It wasn’t a huge leap to take that thoughtt to the next level… a level more in tune to politics in general. What would Thomas Jefferson do? For that matter, what would ANY of our founding Fathers have done? Would they have been content with just sitting back and watching everything they worked so hard for, everything they risked their very lives for, be slowly torn apart and feasted on by the preditors who presently occupy our nation’s capitol? My guess is a resounding NO! NEVER! With modern technology at their disposal, they would have banded together and sent the despotic greedheads in DC packing!

That, dear friends, is what Jefferson would have done. That is what WE should do. We need to get up off the couch and FIGHT! Fight for our freedoms. Fight for our rights. Fight for the rights our children may not get the chance to enjoy if we allow Obama and his minions to continue their attempts to shred our precious Constitution and trample all over what so many have fought and died for… the American Dream! FIGHT… FIGHT… FIGHT! It is, I believe, what Jefferson would do!

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  1. Richard Cotromano says:

    Where is OUR Jefferson today? He's in all of us!!!

  2. Carl Manning says:

    I believe Jefferson would immediately recognize the necessity to dissolve this apostate federal government that has no concern for or intention to abide by the US Constitution or the dictates of their oaths to such. He would recognize the futility of militarily taking on such a leviathan imperial and tyrannically insane government of corruption head-on with no existent State Militias, and thus, he would write all State Governors and State Speakers of State Legislatures encouraging them to reinstate and fund their State Militias(NOTE TO THE UNEDUCATED: The Air and Army National Guards are NOT State Militias contrary to the prevailing ignorance.)

    • Carl Manning says:


      Politically, he would personally meet with, write to, and strongly encourage State Speakers and Governors in order to organize State Legislatures around the country to send delegations to a secret Constitutional Convention to immediately adopt an "emergency" new federal government to be recognized and implemented under Articles of Secession (a Declaration of Independence of sorts) from the Apostate federal government in the District of Criminals. The Articles of Secession may necessitate also Articles of Confederation into a new nation, if certain Liberal States refuse to acquiesce to a Constitutional Convention and/or Secession. The Constitutional Convention would also need to specify in its Articles of Secession that if any current TREASONOUS US Representative or US Senator or US government official of the apostate federal government chooses to step one foot in their new nation, they will be arrested, tried, and likely hanged 'til death for the crimes of HIGH TREASON, BRIBERY, and MISPRISION OF A FELONY. Jefferson wouldn't just stir the pot; he'd boil it over!!!

      • Carl Manning says:


        Of course, I am not deluded one bit. Jefferson would try all these measures only to find that the systemic corruption, continual propagandization of lies like 911, elimination of the free press, chronic ignorance, chronic threats to the 2nd Amendment, the vassalization of the States in obsequious servitude to the federal government, the perpetual enslavement of the People with the un-Constitutional income Tax, the destruction of almost all of the Bill of Rights, and the spiritual malaise in this nation are too far gone, and there would be no takers in his endeavor to restore freedom. In fact, they would just mock him as a "Birther", "Constitutionalist", "militia member", "gun nut" and "terrorist" for wanting to defend freedom. In disgust, he would take his fortune and his family elsewhere to at last find freedom. Perhaps, the only good thing in the end he would be able to say of his fellow countrymen is that "May God have mercy on your souls."

  3. to answer the question…he would have shot the traitor on the white house lawn, like he did before. history is a beautiful thing…all you have too do is read.

  4. disgusted says:

    I am not sure what Thomas Jefferson would do, probably something to the effect of what Carl Manning just wrote, but, one man I do know would DO WHAT IT TOOK, and to HELL WITH WHAT ANYONE SAID OR DID, that MAN would be ANDREW JACKSON! Now, that was a MAN OF ACTION! He didn’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thought, he had no problem in “dealing” with TRAITORS! We need MEN like ANDREW JACKSON TODAY! Are there any of this type out there in America today? I’m curious. Andrew Jackson was called a “criminal” and many other names, but one thing you could count on, if there was a fight, you could be assured that if you needed someone to back you, and be AT your back during said fight, this man, Andrew Jackson would be the one to count on! He had a mean streak a mile wide, but right now, we NEED MEN with a mean streak at least that wide, and WIDER! Nice ain’t gonna get the job done! We have already been too nice, it’s what got us into this mess in the first place, and it is what will sign our death warrent if we continue to be nice, nice to an ENEMY WHO MEANS TO DESTROY US AND OUR COUNTRY! I don’t know about TJ, but I do know AJ!

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