What This Former HHS Official Did Will Make Even His Supporters Shake Their Heads In Disgust


A former Obama Administration official is about to go to prison for a long time on child pornography charges.

Timothy DeFoggi, who served as the former Acting Director of Cybersecurity at the U.S Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), was convicted last Tuesday in the District of Nebraska of engaging in a child exploitation enterprise, conspiracy to advertise and distribute child pornography, and accessing a computer with intent to view child pornography in connection with his membership on a child pornography website, as per court documents.

The former Obama Administration official was arrested in May 2013 at his home in Germantown, Md in an investigation targeting three separate child pornography websites.  It was there that FBI officials literally had to pry him away from his laptop while he was downloading child pornography.

DeFoggi used Tor hidden servers based in Nebraska run by Aaron McGrath, who has himself been convicted for participating in the scheme.  Tor hidden servers cannot be normally traced to the location where they are hosted, but the FBI seized these sites in 2012 after McGrath failed to secure his account with a password.  The FBI took control of these sites for over a year to determine the actual location of DeFoggi and others.

DeFoggi was the sixth person convicted in connection with the investigation, and is scheduled to be sentenced on November 7.

Although arrested in May 2013, DeFoggi had top-security clearance until January 2014.  He served under HHS Chief Information Security Officer Kevin Charest, and oversaw operating-system security on all of HHS computers.


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  1. An Obama democrat – should be no surprise to find this scumbag on the government payroll. Rot in Hell DeFoggi and all the rest of you abusers of children!

  2. WHAT ELSE—–HE WAS A DEMO!@#$%^&*()

  3. With a name like De Foggy what do you expect? Democrats cant even name their kids without causing a stir.

  4. It has gotten to the point of 'where's the News' and 'Where's the Surprise' with these DumbAsCrap Pubic Employees.
    Instead of decimating the regime we need to get rid of 90% of them, putting them to building jails and prisons they can occupy.

  5. Obama doesn't care, he wants to change so sex with kids is ok just like in Islam

  6. The bigger the government the more government union perverts we will have to pay…unaffordable government…

  7. Some one has to take the fall for our islamic perverted prez..so long you goverment criminal pos..

  8. Edwardkoziol says:

    What a surprize to have a democrat caught by the Holders FBI. I didn't think Obutthole & Holder would go after democraps since they didn't go after Menendezwhen he was going to a latin American country to get a little young poontang.I also have to ask if this guy was white now in the Obutthole administration it makes a difference

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