What This Bride Ended Up Doing To Her Baby At Her Wedding Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Jackson, Tenn. resident Shona Carter-Brooks’ daughter was just one month old when she was set to walk down the aisle with her fiancé, Johnathan. Nevertheless, she wanted the infant to play a central role in the ceremony.

What happened next has outraged parents across the nation and beyond calling for action to be taken against the child’s parents.

The bride walked down the aisle with the tiny baby latched to the train of her dress and dragged her daughter all the way to the altar to exchange vows with Jonathan.

A photo of the incident was posted on her Facebook page, though she has since removed it along with the associated comments. Of course, the bizarre display has resulted in widespread criticism of her decision.

She stands by her decision, however, and many of her Facebook friends apparently support her choice to drag a newborn across the floor behind her. To those who disagree, she posted the following response:

“My father said, ‘Folks need to get a life!’ Who asked for their opinion? He said, ‘I ain’t have to ask noun [sic] for nothing and it was my day!’ He said media, family, or associates if you got a problem we can solve it and that’s not talking on Facebook. So with that being said, signing off now! God is forever in control in our live, so everyone be bless [sic]!!”

Western Journalism reached out via social media for a comment; however, Carter-Brooks has not yet responded.

She responded to BuzzFeed with a brief email.

“Understood everyone entitled to their own opinion so all I have to say is God bless you!” she wrote.

On Facebook, she claimed the dress in question was made by Vera Wang. Apparently, the company wanted to clear up any confusion, explaining to BuzzFeed that the dress to which the infant was attached did not come from any of its wedding dress collections.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Shona Carter-Brooks

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