What The Obama Admin Just Said About Israel Will Have Terrorists Nodding Their Heads In Agreement

Photo Credit: Twitter/IDF

As the Israeli military fends off relentless rocket attacks from Palestinians along the Gaza Strip, the Jewish nation is forced to return fire into a region populated by terrorists using their own people as human shields. Reports of individuals crowding on rooftops and other potential missile targets about in the Hamas-controlled region. In fact, Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri described the intentionally bloody method as a testament to “the character of our noble jihad-fighting people” who use their “bare chests” to protect their homes. “Also this policy reflects the character of our brave courageous people,” he said. “We in Hamas call upon our people to adopt this policy in order to protect our Palestinian homes.” Nevertheless, the Obama administration is calling on Israel to reduce the number of civilian deaths. Israel National News reported that State Department source Jen Psaki called on the nation’s leaders to “redouble their efforts to prevent civilian casualties.”

She told reporters that the administration is not satisfied that Israel is doing all it can, apparently suggesting it can somehow bomb around the strategically placed human shields. “We believe that certainly there is more that can be done,” she asserted. Furthermore, INN noted that many of the Palestinian deaths are being caused by Hamas, not Israeli attacks. The Israeli Defense Forces have repeatedly urged civilians to leave Gaza, going so far as to call residences and drop leaflets across the region warning of impending missile strikes and ground incursions. Hamas leaders, however, are calling on civilians to remain in the region.

Additionally, rockets fired by Hamas from the Gaza Strip often fail to hit their targets in Israel, falling back to earth in the same region leading to potential Palestinian deaths.

Photo Credit: Twitter/IDF

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