What Rush Limbaugh Just Said About Birth Control Made Liberals Go Crazy

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Though he is surely accustomed to attacks from his political rivals, the left nevertheless responded to talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh’s latest remarks regarding contraception with a concerted burst of manufactured outrage.

Following his 2012 allegation that Sandra Fluke, a woman who claimed the federal government should financially support her promiscuous lifestyle, was a “slut,” a firestorm erupted among opponents who characterized him as a misogynist and otherwise insulted his character.

During his show Wednesday, however, Limbaugh once again covered the issue of birth control by weighing in on the recent Supreme Court decision allowing companies to opt out of providing ObamaCare coverage that violates their owners’ religious values.

Responding to a previous caller who wondered when contraception became “so important to the human condition the federal government requires every insurance provider to cover them,” he noted there are plenty of health-related procedures the healthcare law does not force employers to provide.

“Which is worse, to go blind from lack of regular eye exams or to get pregnant?” he asked.

Further contrasting contraception from other medical coverage, he asserted that “pregnancy is something you have to do to cause,” explaining that in the “everyday flow of events” a woman is complicit in her own pregnancy by engaging in sex.

“Yet we treat it as a great imposition that women need to be protected from,” he said. “It’s a sickness, it’s a disease, it’s whatever, and there’s got to be a pill for it.”

His statement of biological fact was apparently all radical leftists needed to once again target Limbaugh as a bigoted woman-hater.

A Huffington Post headline called his position “gross,” and the author went on to claim his “comments come as no surprise considering the infamous remarks he has made about birth control in the past.”

That article prompted other like-minded individuals to lash out at the stalwart conservative on Twitter.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    God Bless Rush, the left liberals hate him for telling the truth I think Fluke is a whore being used by the liberals.I'l bet Obuma got a little off her.I'll never be able to understan why insuance co.have to pay for sexcapeds How cheap can you get when you can't afford a rubber.

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