What Obama Just Did Is Nothing Less Than Sabotage From Within

Photo credit: U.S. Embassy New Delhi (Flickr)

On August 8th, 1942, six German saboteurs were executed after infiltrating the United States with the intent to cause economic harm to the nation during a time of war.  Two more received long prison terms instead of death because they betrayed the mission to the Americans.  Yes, that is how we used to treat people who secretly committed acts of war against the United States on our soil.  Subversion from within was considered the lowest form of warfare and dishonorable and treated as such.

I’m not calling for anyone to be executed.  However, I am calling on the American people to see what is going on right in front of our eyes.  The Fifth Estate, or the media, has forsaken its historical duty to hold accountable those in our government who break our laws and attempt to reduce the power and security of this mighty nation. Those currently in power in our Federal government are not doing what is in the best interests of our country. On the contrary, the are actively subverting the enforcement of duly passed laws by Congress in order to incur political gains.

Folks, this is treason. This is subversion. And it should be punished.

Let’s take the current immigration problems we are experiencing. We all know the President and his party have wanted to legalize illegal immigrants in this country.  They want them to become citizens because they feel they will vote Democratic and help keep their party in power.

We have heard for some time how our Dear Leader has a pen and a phone and how he will act on his own to change the immigration laws of this country since he cannot get his agenda through Congress.  Does anyone really believe that all of these children pouring towards the United States by the trainload are here just by coincidence?  Does anyone think that the Border Patrol dropping them off in cities across the nation and then expecting them to appear in court years later is another coincidence?  The simple truth is that this was all planned by this administration to get what they wanted.  Now they have tens of thousands of more immigrant children who will grow up and expect (and will probably get) amnesty.

This situation is harming the economic and physical well being of Americans.  This administration is preventing by force medical personnel from speaking about the spread of disease among these new arrivals.  We don’t even know who these people are, and we are dropping them off across America. What if they are terrorists?  Can you think of a better way to get into the country than to just join a merry band of kids walking across the border? This is criminal, and this administration needs to be held accountable. The border is obviously not secure because this administration didn’t want it to be secure.  What do we have a Department of Homeland Security for if they can’t stop this from happening?  Is it just to feel up young girls and old women at airports?

We are being destroyed from within.  Just add this scandal to the long list of acts of corruption that has been the hallmark of this administration. The Manchurian President has struck again. How many more punches can America take?

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I'd call for the execution of Obutthole for the subversion of America and that would also include Susan Rice ,Hitlary Clinton,Nancy Poopalosi,Elijah Cummings,John Conyers,Alan Colmes,Bob Beckel,James CarvilleDave Letterman, and a bunch of others.

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