What Led These People To Painfully Zap Themselves Will Make Your Jaw Drop To The Floor…

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new study by Harvard and University of Virginia researchers recently found that people would rather shock themselves rather than sit in an empty room thinking for fifteen minutes. How painful were these shocks? According to Infowars,

Taking the experiment to a new level, the researchers sat the subjects in a room with nothing other than a machine for administering small electrical shocks, once again instructing them to just have a think about things for a few minutes. Those involved had been subjected to the shock experience, and most said they loathed it and would actually pay money not to experience it a second time.

That’s right. Most people shocked said they loathed the experience and would even pay money not to experience it again. What happened, though, when the people were placed in the room again and told to either just think  for fifteen minutes or self-administer painful electric shocks? According to InfoWars again:

The results of the test were startling. Almost two thirds of the male subjects gave themselves one or more electrical shocks out of pure boredom, seemingly unable or unwilling to spend a short amount of time exploring their own minds. According to the data, in a fifteen minute spell, one man administered 190 shocks to himself rather than just sit quietly with nothing to do. That data was removed from the final tally of results. Almost a quarter of the women involved also gave themselves a shock. On average, each person gave themselves a shock 1.47 times during the 15 minute period.

So what are the implications? Are we really a Facebook generation that finds it more difficult to concentrate than our ancestors? Or would our ancestors have done the exact same thing if told to choose between just thinking or zapping themselves painfully? Feel free to share what you think.


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Photo credit: Viewminder (Flickr)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    They should experiment on the new illegal aliens and zap them until they go back.

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