What I Learned About Prayer

soldiers praying 1024x673 What I learned about Prayer
“Satan trembles when he sees a sinner on their knees.”

I saw this on a local church’s message board a while ago, and it has stayed on my mind ever since. And I just cannot help but wonder, since we just had a national day of prayer, that the current revelation of some major scandals going on has something to do with our petitions to our Father God.

One cannot always know the ways of God, but He did leave us an instruction manual called the Bible to keep us as close to His ways if we choose to do so. Prayer is our way of communicating to our Heavenly Father; and as long as we keep the lines of communication open, He will listen.

Prayer brings us not only closer to God, but closer to each other because He is our creator. Whether we choose to acknowledge that or not, our own souls search in vain to find another new thing that can change us or help us. But unless we find God, we never find “it”. God is always waiting with open arms for us because He loves us.

But there are times that we feel God is not listening to us. We get angry, sad, impatient, and sometimes feel like we have been kicked to the curb and take it rather personally when God does not answer us immediately. (I have just recently been in this very place in my life as we have had to endure what many Americans have had to deal with, and that is losing one’s job.)

You think you are doing so good and trying to do all the right things; and then this happens, and you feel dejected. There are many people who say that God or Satan has nothing to do with these things and that life is about luck or fate. I choose to believe otherwise; I choose just to believe in God. We can go round and round about whether there is a God or not. It does not matter; I believe.

Prayer is magnificent! When you are down to your last dollar (and you do not know where you are going to get gas money, money for your prescriptions, and money for groceries), and then for some unknown reason someone just hands it to you saying they thought you might need this, that is a divinely answered prayer. Call it what you will; I know it is a gift from God.

I know there are things happening right now that many of us feel helpless over; and we are feeling a sense of grief, sadness, and rejection. Our country seems to be unrecognizable, but God is on our side if we choose to have Him. The closer we get to Him, the closer He comes to us. In our hour of desperation, prayer to God is the only way out; and evil despises that.

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  1. Prayer IS SELF DELUSIONS!!!

    • Some day you will die, and when you do, you will find out for sure that there is a God, but it will be to late for you. You will be thrown down a burnng Pit call Hell. Hell is a real place

      Check out on utube of people true stories of dying and went to Hell, called out Jesus and by God's mercy the son of God took them out of Hell.

      There was a young man who die in a crack house while getting high he overdose, die and he went through a dark tunnel into the burning pit and saw Hell. He was able to come out because he called out Jesus but most are not lucky enough to come out of Hell. His mother's prayers help alot while he was in drugs. Today this man is a servant of God a Pastor.

      Please do not reject God, God is real.

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