What Dr. James Dobson Just Did Could Make A Huge Difference In DC

James Dobson

Following recent endorsements by Sarah Palin, radio host Mark Levin, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Focus on the Family founder Dr. James Dobson threw his support behind Alaska U.S. Senate hopeful Joe Miller.

With just one day until the GOP primary election that will determine which of the three Republicans in the race will go on to face Democrat incumbent Mark Begich, Dobson explained his motivation in endorsing the Tea Party favorite.

“I’m pleased to endorse Joe Miller because he’s exactly the kind of candidate we need to turn this country around,” he said in an announcement Monday.

The strong pro-life candidate has already received significant support from conservative Christians. It is Miller’s dedication to his principles that led Dobson to make the recent announcement.

“We need leaders with the courage to stand strong for conservative values in this battle,” the venerable broadcaster and author added. “Joe Miller is such a leader – one who will not only vote his convictions in the U.S. Senate, but will also lead the fight to defend life, traditional marriage, and religious liberty.”

Echoing the call to action of Miller’s previous endorsements, Dobson urged “all Alaskans who love life, family, faith, and freedom to not only vote for Joe Miller, but to work hard for his campaign.”

The vote of confidence meant a lot to Miller, he explained in a response to the announcement.

“I am honored to receive Dr. Dobson’s endorsement of my candidacy,” he said. “I grew up hearing his sage advice playing on the radio in our household.”

Miller celebrated Dobson and his ministry for offering “wise counsel to generations of Americans” and “applying the truth of scripture to the challenges we face as individuals as a nation.”

He concluded that he shares Dobson’s opinion that, “with God’s help, we can restore the liberty and the optimism that has been the hallmark of the American experience.”

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I think Miller is an excellent choice especialy with those people who are backing him,Levin,Palin, Dobson and Sheriff Joe.

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