What Ben Carson Just Said Will Have Conservatives Jumping For Joy

Dr. Ben Carson

While the majority of presidential contenders have a clear professional trajectory culminating in a run for the highest office in the nation, some are thrust into the political fray by a sense of duty or in response to undeniable public demand.

Celebrated neurosurgeon Ben Carson apparently belongs in the latter group. Following his retirement, Carson has earned widespread support from conservatives drawn to his soft-spoken, principled embrace of traditional American values.

A grassroots effort to compel him to seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2016 has grown exponentially as his supporters donate both time and money to the cause. The hard work has not gone unnoticed by Carson.

“I certainly didn’t give it much thought early on,” he said of a potential White House run.

Judging from the growing number of people who are “so enthusiastic” about the possibility, however, he noted that he has become more receptive to exploring the proposition.

“So I am starting to think about it,” he confirmed. “But it certainly wasn’t on my bucket list when I retired.”

In an email to supporters, organizer John Philip Sousa IV indicated that the push to draft Carson as a candidate hit a major milestone in recent weeks.

Thanks to the support of about 300,000 supporters, he indicated that a super PAC, that National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee, raised $7 million in time for a filing deadline with the Federal Elections Commission.

He also scored a big victory among conservatives at the recent Western Conservative Summit. He won that event’s straw poll by a significant margin, garnering 22 percent of the vote. His nearest competitors in that poll were Sen. Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin, who received 13 and 12 percent, respectively.

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  1. Raymond says:

    We are in dangerous, unsettling times. The earth is nearly shaking on its axis. Previous generations were spared dealing with concepts such as Sharia Law, Islamic Caliphates, nuclear centrifuges in rogue hands, chemical weapons, NSA spying, IRS lawlessness, border invasions, and corruption and serial lying at the highest levels of government.

    Even nature is out of control. And today's church is compromising so there aren't many shelters any longer.

    If you dwell on headlines too long, you would think that Armageddon is on our door step. And maybe it is. If you listen carefully, you just might hear the footsteps of the four horsemen of the apocalypse in the distance. Has their journey begun?

    Please visit our Bible Prophecy Website: itshallcometopass.org

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    I for one have been in favor of Dr.Ben Carson running for president on the republican ticket.He may be soft spoken but what he says is right on target.This man should have been the first real negroe American president not some boot with a muslim terrorist name.I would like to know his stance on these illegal immigrants.

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