What Are Obama’s Chances in 2012? Not Good

Matt Mackowiak, FloydReports.com

Presidential reelection campaigns are always about the incumbent — serving as a referendum of that President’s performance in office and the results of their policies. It’s a choice election. It’s not about the challenger. What the incumbent tries to do is to make the other “choice” unacceptable, resulting in the incumbent’s reelection.

I suspect the 2012 campaign will be waged on only two issues: the economy and a referendum on ObamaCare. Consider that, as Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has already predicted, the Supreme Court will likely announce their decision on the constitutionality of Obama’s sweeping health care law on the last Monday in June next year. Such a time frame will likely be after the GOP nominee has been chosen but before the national party conventions, during the summer when the presidential general election campaign is not yet being waged ferociously.

No matter what decision is rendered, ObamaCare is guaranteed to burn white hot as an issue on the campaign trail in 2012.

Only after the 2012 election….

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  1. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    Well, he may have had an easier time of it if he had concentrated on JOBS and UNEMPLOYMENT instead of that abortion of a “healthcare” fiasco! He wasted how long on this, forcing this peice of garbage down our throats, and now he expects us to again vote for him………! I’ll say this for the son of a bitch, he has balls! No concience to speak of, less thought and care for the people he should, yet he still thinks he is the “best” choice for this country. While he is letting her go to hell with debt! People, I’d vote for my dogs before I voted for this peioce of excrement! Not one of them in that city/capitol should be put back into office of any kind, not even cleaning the toilets, nowhere close to a position of “serving the public”! They are the WORST “SERVANTS” OF ALL TIME! And this can be metaphoric or real, frankly, by now dears, I do not give a damn…………HANG THEM HIGH!!!!!!

  2. SEAN MURRY says:

    he is a poor piss leader.

  3. RacerJim says:

    As long as Soetoro/Soebarkah/Obama, or whatever his real name is, has the mainstream-media in his back pocket his chances in 2012 are good. For shame, for shame.

  4. j. Friel says:

    I have grave worry that we will have to suffer through another November night hugging the toilet like I did the last pres. election. We are not just going up against an opposing candidate as most of us had been used to before 2008; but now our biggest opponent or obstacle is the news media and networks as a whole. I'm still torn over whether or not the American people are really that stupid or is it just because they aren't getting factual information that is so obvious to the rest of us as the reason they make such poor choices. Or maybe as a people we are just plain lazy or clueless? What else can explain o's approval ratings being so unbelievably high. This administration is not made up of democrats. More like marxists and jihadi liars. In my world lying is not a spectator sport and you don't get rewarded for being prolific at it. I'm old and contrary enough lately that I no longer let people get away with it with me anymore; I will gleefully make a scene right there in public with them when a clerk or representative of some company trys it on me.

  5. j. Friel says:

    It's not the hot topic in this weeks news reports so it has gotten no play or attention but what I'm hot about today is o-bao-mao wants to send 125 Abrams M1A1 Tanks to Egypt(; aka muslim brotherhood now). and thats after giving them what was it 2 1/2 or 3 1/2 Billon dollars. Ask Col. Allen West – Florida -US House of Representatives about that. I 'd like to know what Israel's thoughts are on that. Me personally; it wouldn't hurt my feelings none if Israel turned loose Mossad on o-bao-mao. But that's just me–One Ugly American.

  6. Virginia says:

    Why would you allow this dictator in the WH in the first place? Is it obvious to anyone yet why one man would want to destroy his own country or change it for that fact? I don't understand how we could allow such a thing to happen. Everyone is too scared to stop this man! What's it going to take? I want something done soon, were running out of time here! This country is willing to keep the usurper in house and watch the country fall apart….when people start getting hurt then the outrage will begin!

  7. We really should Impeach this serial liar. He also has symptoms of a pathological narcissist which makes him a very, very dangerous man.
    Worst case defeat him in a landslide in 2012.

  8. The number one issue should be is obama are what ever his real name is eligible to hold this office. He has produced only fake birth certificate and a SS number from a state that he never resided. If the liberal media spent half as much time checking out this fake as they spend checking out the GOP candidates they would uncover much of his Muslin believes and his desire to destroy this country like the muslim brotherhood is after. All his policy's are leading to the destruction of our freedoms. The so called health care bill with all its tax burdens, the EPA and all its regulation's destroying jobs, the trade agreements that destroy jobs, illegal immigration with all their cost to the tax payer and the destroying of the family as God described. So many evil crooked thing this man is doing. These candidates need to focus on all of his faults.

  9. Mr. Brown, Please take his picture off of the page, The White House Watch. It makes me sick everytime I have to look at him. Put our flag, the white house or even your dog instead. Our beloved America is going down the tube fast and we had better do something quick before there is no return.

    • I agree. Take Obama's picture down from the White House Watch page…. I am tired of seeing him on television constantly and all over the internet…..I have NEVER seen a president on television as much as Obama. If Obama gets re-elected you are going to see worse than you have already seen these past 3 years…. His head will SWELL and he will think there is nothing he can't do – even if it breaks the law and the constitution. I hope everyone won't be fooled again. This administration is like nothing I have ever seen in The United States….Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Holder, Bernanke, Axelrod and the rest of the corrupt politicians under Obama…..are unbelievable…… CORRUPT & ARROGANT……. the lot of them.

  10. Obama was elected by ghetto people who never voted in a presidential election before, illegal aliens, weak white voters trying to prove they are not racist by voting for the incompetent black, and weak knee'd white Liberals who are clueless bout everything.

  11. Unless you are a millionaire or billionaire or a corporation you would be biting off your own nose to spite your face by not voting for Obama. The nonsense about Obama being a communist, etc etc is just a coverup started by rightwingers who want to bury the middle class and have the rich get richer. There has never been a greater discrepancy between the rich and poor in America due to the Republican's insistance on not raising taxes on the rich or closing tax loopholes on corporations. The Bush tax cuts are one of the chief reasons we're in the financial mess we're in and of course the right insisted they continue so they could get those huge donations from the rich and wealthy corporations.

    • Keep believing what the mainstream media is putting in your head… If you honestly believe what they tell you and what Obama is preaching, I feel sorry for you….. Obama is laughing behind your back and you just don't see it… He is by far, THE WORSE president in the history of The United States. You probably like Pelosi, Reid, Holder, Frank, Bernanke, and the rest of the lairs in his administration….. Someday you will look back and say, why did I fall for this crap.

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