What a Patriotic President Would Have Said about the Ground Zero Mosque

Ben Johnson, Floyd Reports

This weekend, Barack Obama endorsed the plan to build a mosque at Ground Zero, saying that allowing the site to go forward is “what our country’s about.” George Washington and the Founders had tremendous foresight, but they never could have imagined a day when an American president would say something so stupid. Below are hypothetical remarks the president might have made if his views were more enlightened by patriotism than by contempt for his country and sympathy for her enemies:

My fellow Amerians, as you know, a private Muslim organization has submitted plans to construct a mosque near Ground Zero. A great controversy has arisen over whether the mosque’s construction should proceed at this time, in this place, and under this leadership. Those who favor the Cordoba Mosque say we are not at war with Islam, that no one has tied its leadership to al-Qaeda, and that freedom of worship is one of our most cherished rights as Americans. Those who oppose building the mosque on that hallowed ground say that setting a Muslim prayer house on the ashes of the Twin Towers is unnecessarily provocative and will rub salt into the open wound of 9/11. They understand the triumph Islamic fundamentalists will feel at seeing the crescent rise from the ruins of the deadliest attack on American soil. And they fear under the wrong leadership, the mosque will serve as a recruiting grounds for jihadists plotting the next great act of domestic terrorism.

Americans are blessed above all people to live in a nation that respects the freedom of religion. Unlike so many nations ruled by the dictatorial clique of clerics and “holy men,” the United States has no enforced creed or compulsory church. The Christian men who founded this nation on the timeless values of the Old and New Testaments respected the freedom of conscience above all other considerations, and they enshrined the right to choose our own religion in the First Amendment of the Constitution. That means any religious group has the right to worship, in a house of worship.

That right does not imply, however, that they have a right to build a house of worship in every conceivable location. The sacred nature of this place, which became the final resting place of three thousand American citizens obliterated within minutes by 19 adherents of fanatical Islam, marks it as the wrong site for this project. For that reason, I am asking the supporters of this mosque to withdraw their bid.

Should they refuse, I will take all actions available to me to assure the bid does not succeed.

The issue here is not freedom of religion but freedom to worship on the grounds of the World Trade Center. Each state and locality has the right to regulate and zone the area under its authority for its best use in accordance with the law. Churches, synagogues, and private Bible studies have sometimes run into the problems of harsh or prohibitive zoning laws. Our new Islamic neighbors could not expect to be exempt from this.

Before any construction goes forward, I have instructed the Attorney General to investigate these issues from the federal government’s perspective. I have ordered that all negotiations be halted until he has completed this comprehensive review with all the research and deliberation such a task requires. After the Justice Department has reviewed any federal interest in the property – including an assessment of purchasing the property through eminent domain – the state of New York must complete a similar review, followed by each appropriate level of city government in succession

Should each stage of the investigation allow the project to proceed, I will assure that any potential mosque is constructed in accordance with all relevant laws, regulations, ordinances, and codes – whether federal, state, municipal, or any other level of government – whether environmental, ergonomic, or handicapped. The full maximum fine will be meted out for each offense. Should the legislatures and governing bodies of Manhattan pass additional burdens during this process, I will see to it that they are fully enforced, as well.

As much as this location’s past has engraved itself into the heart of the American people, its future is of far greater significance to us today. Before negotiations resume, I am ordering a full investigation of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, examining his religious views, his associations, and any contact he has had with any person or organization on the U.S. terrorist watch list. The Justice Department will also investigate all donors and benefactors of the proposed site, tracking every dollar each of them has given to any charity or political organization, here or overseas. Their full tax records will necessarily be reviewed as this process continues.

Not one brick will be laid upon another until this investigation is complete.

And if ever this mosque is constructed, the investigation will not end.

The mosque’s belief in Islamic supremacy offends those who believe in the First Amendment for all non-Muslims, the vast majority of America’s citizens who embody her religious heritage. The U.S. Constitution is incompatible with Sharia law or the enforcement of dhimmi status. Any investigation that reveals the mosque is promoting or serving as an accessory in any way to Islamic terrorism or any terrorist will result in the forfeiture – and destruction – of the mosque.

Our Muslim neighbors are welcome to worship in the United States. In fact, there are already numerous mosques in New York City and its metropolitan area as it is – so many, in fact, one wonders why another is needed here. Nonetheless, Muslims who respect America’s religious heritage and character are welcome to practice their religion in peace. I have personally worshiped with Muslims in their lands, gone to their schools, and I welcome those who wish to pursue the American way of life peacefully on our shores. If this offer is removed and the mosque is constructed somewhere else, they will find Americans are among the most tolerant and accepting of neighbors – sometimes to their own detriment. But Ground Zero has passed out of merely private hands into what Abraham Lincoln called “the mystic chords of memory.” It is our shared national ground. Those buildings that rest on it must bring us together, not further isolate us or inflame the American people. Protecting those lands and those memories is my charge. And this heavy responsibility is one I humbly accept and will wholeheartedly enforce.

Thank you. God bless you. And may God bless the United States of America.

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  1. Elderlost says:

    Hearing words we can imagine Reagan saying, just lift me up!
    I so wish we had another President of his caliber!
    The final remark is so true… May God Bless American!

    • 1spiralman says:

      im with you my friend. to think the left used to laugh and make fun of him when he was president but regan got the last laugh on them. he became one of the best presidents in history and patriotic americans will never let them forget that. god bless you ron we could always tell you truly loved america.

  2. I'm in tears that this is what we should have as president and not what we DO have. I'm 70 years old and never thought I would live to see the day that what is happening IS happening. My tears are for all the generations to follow if some BENEFICIAL changes are not made. God bless America…

  3. B. Hussein Obama would choke on those words. Even he would have a hard time with such lies–lies from his perspective–with the fear that he might be branded moderate. We all know he is anything but moderate in his ideology. He was just trying to move the Overton Window so he could get what he really wants–total subjugation of all of us, except the terrorists.

  4. 1spiralman says:

    when israel had to kill some terrorists on the flotilla going to israel obama said it was tragic. i dont remember obama saying the same for the 10 christians butchered by pakistani muslim terrorists in afghanistan recently. yet this obama wants us to believe that at some point in his life he decided that he would rather be a christian than a muslim. i dont think that rev. wrights church qualifies as being a christian church. anti-white,anti-jew, and anti-america and he went to that church for 20 years. give me a break.

    • odumbo is a muslim and NOT a very nice one…. how better to infiltrate the USA after 9/11 failed than to gain access to the highest office in the land…..

  5. We're wise to "OOO"s games and we're not buying it. Now we really know who he is and what he's about, endorsing this CONQUEST of a mosque at ground zero.
    IMPEACH OBAMA IN 2010 http://www.impeachobamacampaign.com/

  6. ODUMBO – the WORST president in the history of the USA!!!!

    • Tell every sonofabitch you know that voted for him that they are disgusting and that you don't want to have anything to do with them. Anyone that voted for this piece of shit is not good company, anyhow.

  7. Little Ahmed: "Ema, ema, can I lick the bowl clean?"
    Mother: "No, just flush it like everyone else."

  8. A popular bar in Bahrain had a new robotic bartender installed, to make serving drinks more efficient.

    A guy came in for a drink and the robot asked him, "what's your IQ?" The man replied, "140." So the robot proceeded to make conversation about string theory and the latest cancer research.

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  9. Why not just tell them: If you build it you will die.

  10. This muslim communist is doing exactly what he has been groomed for and that is to destroy this nation and become it's dictator and impose sharia law. I hope the dumb asses that voter for this low life sob is truly happy with him. He should be tried for treason and shot by a firing squad and also the commies in both houses of congress that declared hIs ELIGIBILITY to be president of this great nation. He is a muslim thru and thru!!

  11. The muslims don't believe in peace unless it's on their terms.
    This mosque should not be built in this place. They have numerous
    other mosques, so why do they have to build it so close to those
    do were murdered by muslims. What has this government come to?

    • Elizabeth says:

      it has gone to hell that is what happened OBAMA was not born here and he never grew up here either if we do not follow the Muslins they will lie to you to get them to join them then they said they will kill us may God hve Mercy on the USA and ISRAEL

  12. That's what a true American President would say! However, Obama is not a true American President and he knows it!

  13. That's what they should be doing to ALL mosques – check every dollar that flows through them and monitor their clerics backgrounds and teachings constantly!!

  14. Imaforgiven1 says:

    This president just doesn't get it… Neither does the Mayor of N.Y.! The simple fact is, even though they were offered other land further away, (but of course refused to take…) and that they will complete the building of this mosque by Sept. 11, 2011, AND that ONLY Muslims will be allowed to build this mosque, should definitely be a BIG RED FLAG to anybody with half a brain! But… when you're out of touch with reality or your world doesn't include anybody but you, you tend to miss those red flags, even when they're waving right in front of your face! The building of this mosque is about one thing and one thing only… their victory and attempted domination over us! You, Mr. president, haven't a clue what it is to be an American or what our Constitution truly stands for! You've already caused a lot of damage in just 2 short years, I hate to see what you're going to do in the next 2!
    God help us!

    • Elizabeth says:

      MR PRESIDENT IS NOT A US CITIZEN BUT YET HE IS RUNNING OVER THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, He says we will have a war if we don't but he truly knows there will be another war even though him and the NY mayor should be shipped there instead of living here like you God Help us all

  15. Damyankee says:

    This Brainless Manchild just does not get it. He and the other brainless socialist Terrorists must know, this building of Death will not be built on this land. I believe it will be destroyed as each attempt to build is tried. New Yorkers should not be underestimated. It takes not an Idiot to know this Persons Agenda. He is envoking WAR against true Americans. This Traitor and all who follow will be consumed in the Flames of Eternal Hell. Our Founding Fathers are looking upon us. We must not allow Terrorism to continue to spew it's Seeds. We must protect our Homeland from Border to Border. Remember, WE ARE THE PEOPLE. The People run this land, NOT HE or his Warshippers. These measures cease. All involved will be held accountable. Acts of Treason, punishable by Death. No one is above the Laws of our Constitution. One Law you will never Manipulate or be allowed to Circumvent in this lifetime. Others have failed, and you will too. You are not welcomed here. Plan another Vacation. A permanent one, on your Dime back to your Homeland in Africa where it's being said you belong.

  16. William L. Sasman says:

    What our other leaders sure wloud never had said what obama did.

  17. Carolina Don says:

    Why is this not recognized for just what it is….Aid and Comfort to the Enemy?? Everyone who writes or talks about our war with terrorism is afraid to say the truth, we are at war with Islam. Think not? How many Baptists, Catholics, Pentacostals,Mormans, Seven-Day Adventists, or ANY other religion or denomination have we killed, captured, or heard of?? NONE!! We are fighting Islamists. Many of our forefathers left England rather than join the Church of England for it was join or die. There is no other place to go to, and I'll be derned if I will be ran out of my home!!! That is what the enemy wants…total subjection, join or die.

  18. Some people are argueing whether Pres Obama is a Muslim or a Christian. I think his actions tell where his loyalties lie. Going on a talk show instead of honoring the Boy Scouts with his presence as other Presidents have. Also not participating in the Natioanial Day of Prayer but hosts a Muslim Day of prayer at the White House and particapating in it. And supporting the building of a Mosque at the 9-11 site.

  19. Why don't we go to Mecca and fly the American flag on their large, black stone?

  20. Great speech. I could just hear Ronald Reagan's voice in my head as I read it and envisioned him giving the proposed speech. Who wrote this proposed speech? They are truly a great speech writer.

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