We’re All The 47% Now…

Why Obama Isnt Concerned About The Debt SC We’re all the 47% now...

There really isn’t much to say about yesterday’s defeat at the polls. We can talk about which groups voted how, but alas that would do little to help us face the consequences of the Democrats’ big victory last night.

The warnings from this site and countless others as well as most of talk radio and a surprising number of newspapers fell on deaf ears. As the saying goes, “Americans always get the government we deserve.”

While there are many issues that deserve to be addressed first, for us on the Right, pulling together and avoiding the temptation to point fingers has to be our top priority. We are indeed in the minority now. Infighting and backstabbing will temporarily satisfy the gnawing pain of defeat but do nothing to help our situation for the long run.

We have to force ourselves to look forward, work with what we have, and not cry over what we do not have. Considering the likely practical results of this defeat is scary enough.

We will see a real showdown over Obamacare’s mandates forcing faith-based medical facilities to choose between continued operation under unacceptable secular rules or closing their doors.  It is likely that Catholic hospitals will not knuckle under; and now that he is safely re-elected, Barack Obama will probably exempt them – he no longer has to fool those concerned with where their next abortion is coming from.

It is likely our oil and gas production will limp along at a somewhat higher rate. Obama no longer has to appease the far-Left environmentalists so he will open the Keystone pipeline and take other steps to open the spigots.

Where possible, the ultra-rich will find safe havens for their wealth, moving it offshore and out of the clutches of a desperate, cash-starved government already way past its ability to be self-sustaining.

Our military will be a major concern for many years to come. That would have been true even if Mitt Romney had gotten the additional votes he needed. We will ask our war-fighters to do more and more with less and less; and at some point, that balloon will pop.

There will be a rapid raise in employment because employers are now forced to take a very careful look at their businesses to see how many hires they will have to make to save their operations and keep afloat. Those who are very skilled at what they do will actually benefit in this new climate because they will be the “only game in town.” The others, those with nothing but hope in Obama, will find themselves competing with illegal aliens for a smaller number of minimal jobs. The worst result of yesterday’s Democrat victory is the extinction of our grandchildren’s future. Current estimates are that each American under 18 now owes $218,000 as his/her share of our national debt. How this will be paid off demands consideration of a scenario too painful to contemplate in this immediate post-defeat atmosphere.

All we can do now is pray for the best, expect the worst, and stand tall. Now is not the time to abandon the field to those we know who will not be good stewards of our national interests.

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  1. American Patriot says:

    So very sad that the election was won by someone who doesn't represent America's values and is far from anyone's "hope and change", unless you are speaking to those who merely want to sit at home watching TV, and waiting for the government cheese to come!
    Hopefully there will be a day when more folks wake up to this man and his absolute crimes, as there are many. I will work beside anyone else willing to work to get "Barry Sotero" out of office!

  2. I disagree we are the 47% Obama cheated and lied to win the office the first term and that is exactly what happened in this election. Early voters were reporting voter fraud weeks before the election.
    Obama fought to keep military personnel from voting.
    We cannot afford to wait he has more than proved by his actions he is an enemy of the United States.
    Does the oath of office include up holding the constitution defending it? It certainly doesn't state amending it to fit Obama's agenda.

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