We’re All Democrats Now

Donkey 2 SC We’re all Democrats now

In a recent piece for Bloomberg, Amity Shlaes points out that modern-day natural disasters have helped to turn us all into Democrats. Expecting the government gravy train to come to the rescue any time a major storm turns a significant portion of the American population upside down has become the new normal, even among so-called anti-big government proponents. Shlaes makes the case, using the Holland Tunnel as an example, that state governments—and in many instances, private investment—have built the vast majority of American infrastructure. As Shlaes puts it: “States sought the blessing of the federal government, not its presence.”

Those days are long gone. States now begin petitioning the fed even before storms hit. Senators and Representatives brag to their constituents (most notably around election time) about how much federal money they have funneled back into their home state. Shlaes writes:

Looking over American history, state or city authority in infrastructure was often the rule. Except during wars, state governments played a larger role in the economy than Washington. That relationship only reversed in the mid-1930s, with President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal.

Note that paragraph well. Before the New Deal, state governments spent more on infrastructure than the fed. After the New Deal, however, that all changed. Could this possibly have been by design, or was this simply the way things worked out? Surely this wasn’t intentional, right? Yeah, right.

By comparing federal government spending to floodwater, Shlaes makes the obvious point that once the federal government has spent a particular amount of money, that amount becomes the new budget consideration for the next year. In other words, once government spending rises, it never recedes. The “high-water mark” for government spending is never visible because the spending only continues to increase:

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  1. I take offense to the 1st paragraph. I do not expect OR want government help. I buy insurance to replace damages from any natural disasters that might befall me. I made decision to purchase my home 50 miles from the coast at an elevation of 100' above sea level to avoid the likely results of hurricanes. I know alternative means of transportation around areas that might be damaged. I expect my utility companies whom I pay to do their job in repairs and I expect my local government whom I pay taxes to repair their portion of the infrastructure.
    Since the Federal Government seems willing to pass the $$, I cannot fault my representatives to attempt to get our share back to our area. But I insist that the Federal Government's only Constitutional duties are to provide for National Defense AND to Defend and Protect our Liberties!!!!! Stop all the other BS….

  2. madhatter15 says:

    Itf the people in this last haarp fiasco expected help they sure have a long wait, they ar egetting soem from fellow Americans and the Red Cross, and they are will ing to do thei rown work except they need power, is power ot much ot ask for? Mayor Bloomberg always has pearls of wisdome that apply to everyone else, never to him , I owuld like ot se ehim in a situation like this sans all hsi money and see how loud he squeals. Th elast thing these people need right now is more of Bloombags stupid jackass rthetoric, people are just waiting for the day he is gone , hopefully he will not buy a fourth term or he will probably he ave a huge legal mass lawsuit on his hands. He bought a third term but he thinks he bought manhatttan and the people in it.

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