Weiner’s In-Laws and the Secret Muslim Brotherhood Connections Revealed

Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack, FloydReports.com

Was Huma Abedin, the wife of Anthony Weiner and the Deputy Chief of Staff to Hillary Clinton, unaware that her mother was reported as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? Is it possible she does not know that her brother is tied to the Brotherhood’s radical leadership? Did Western media miss what has been revealed in several Arab newspapers, which has remained secret in American government circles?

Al-Liwa Al-Arabi (translated here) claims to have leaked an extensive list of members of the Brotherhood’s secret women’s division, which is known alternately as the Muslim Sisterhood or the International Women’s Organization (IWO). This detailed list was partially published by Al Jazeera and several other major Arab newspapers. And it included Huma’s mother, Saleha Abedin.

Egypt’s Al-Dostor revealed that the Sisterhood included 63 International members that span 16 different countries; it’s also confirmed by the Arab Centre for Research and Studies, headed by researcher Abdul Rahim Ali.

Big Man on Campus

Neither Huma nor any major Western media outlet even mention what is common knowledge in the Arab world. Yet, Arab sources have confirmed that Huma Abedin has a brother named Hassan Abedin who works at Oxford University. Oxford University, which has long been infiltrated by Islamists who founded the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS), lists Huma’s brother as a fellow and partners with a number of Muslim Brotherhood members on the Board, including al-Qaeda associate Omar Naseef and the notorious Muslim Brotherhood leader Sheikh Youssef Qaradawi; both have been listed as OCIS Trustees. Naseef continues to serve as Board Chairman.….

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  1. I don't understand how a muslim and a jew could marry eachother. I guess it's true that opposites attract. They are about as opposite as 2 people could get.
    I sure hope they don't ever have kids together. That would have to be a face only a mother could love.

  2. Would not surprise me in the least. She looks like a gold digger. You can bet that if it happens New York will be the Mecca of the west. Full of Muslims, stonings, etc.

  3. This is just another reason why Obama and his crones must be defeated. These Islamic extremest are hidden all over our great nation. Time to clean house and tighten up on national security by protecting our borders. People like this should not be able to attend our educational institutes. Hillary Clinton is the first one to speak up for women's rights but surrounds herself with extremest who promote Sharia Law, wake up America before it is too late.

    • gataheart says:

      I would reckon a good investigation of the 2010 elections would find that the BIG 'o' was truly 'voted in' by the 'dead', the fictitious, and the illegal [each one of these voting just as many times as they could] in the time given.

  4. I am tired of being "entertained" by the idiots of Washington. If you cannot perform your job in an intelligent, economic and honorable manner, then get the hell out!!!!!

  5. vote all congress people OUT of the white house next election, or we are goin g to be screwed, every single one of them

  6. Huma Weiner?

  7. Every time you turn around, we learn that Obama and his liberal friends are part of or support a radical agenda. It doesn't stop!

    We have to get rid of the whole bunch before it is too late.

    I feel that we are getting closer as our presidential hopefuls are a breath of fresh air. Just hope that Rick Perry from Texas joins in. I can't help but feel that Perry and Bachmann would be a dream team!

  8. CHARLES TOMEI says:

    Obama probably knew about the relatioship Weiners relatives have to the Muslim brotherhood since The One is probably a member himself

    • skipfoss says:

      There is no maybe he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood,this half breed son of a white trash communist whore and a American hating Muslim from kenya a country lead by Obummers cousin that killed a bunch of his own people until they made him president also with the help of Obummer his countryman. This bastard and the Clinton's are doing their dead level best to sell this country out to the Muslim sharia jihadist and to his communist czar's that the damned congress and senate will kick out. This Muslim bastard needs to be impeached now and along with the Clintons and imprisioned until we can set up a firing squad and make sure this slime don't live to ever to sell us out to the freinds and family

      • CHARLES TOMEI says:

        I really like you and like what you say,he is a Muslim bastard and I wish he was gone today.Thanks for your comments.

      • Edward Koziol says:

        You are so right his old lady was a scumbag but look at the white grandparents they’re just as bad.They were the ones who brought up the the commie whore.If they left Obuma in Kenya he’d be chasing lions with a spear

    • gataheart says:

      Didn't 'The ONE' openly [in Arabic] declare himself "I am one of you".?

  9. A muslim first lady for NYC?? I'm not too surprised. After all the residents don't seem to be too alarmed about mosques popping up all over the city. It's surreal that after the 9/11 tragedy, they would even consider the building of a large mosque where the towers stood. Sadly, that city has gone to the dogs. As for Anthony Weiner….HE IS SO CREEPY TO LOOK AT. HE IS DISGUSTING!!

  10. i think our governmemt is to laxed on islamic people in our country and most of the american people are not
    aware of the threats and thier underground secrets and trying to change america. i want the american people
    to be more informed as to what the muslim brotherhood is all about and how they are trying to corrupt our country. they are dangerous and should controled. our government should follow what australia is doing with
    the muslims. this is a christian country and if they don't like it they can leave.

  11. I get the impression that it is actually a marriage of convenience or better stated a fixed or arranged marriage. Once you get one of them into our political world, then we are sunk. If she were to make it as NY's 1st Lady then they truly have their foot in the door of our political arena, at least until scumbama, comes clean and admits that he really is a muslim and part of the brotherhood, we can only assume. I know for fact that he ISN'T a Christian as he states. We need to get rid of him and all of his cronies [CZARS] and all of his political followers and start fresh. We need men/women that believe as did our founding fathers, in the values and morals and the Christian beliefs that this great country was founded on, perhaps then we can get back on the right track!!!!!!!!!!

    • James Bennett says:

      Trisha: Amen! Could say it better.

      Jim Bennett

    • PatriotEagle1 says:

      Trisha, Wiener needs to be removed and stop any possible run for mayor of NYC. That would be tragic and costly because it would open the door for Sharia law. wiener should be removed before he gets back from rehab. cut his pension and health care benies also.

  12. He better sleep with one eye open at all times. And for being a muslim explains why she is staying with him, what he did is nothing according to them. Muslim men have 4 wifes for goodness sakes!! This probably doesn't bother her a bit.

  13. Huma would work to have the mosque built in NY so the terrorist imams and terrorist muslim could
    blow up NY city. The Clintons are definitely "in the mix" – she started as an intern 15 years ago -approx
    1996 or 1997when Clinton got out of office. Do you remember where Bill made all his money after that??
    -giving speaches in the middle east – Our demise is all connected.
    Send Huma and Weiner to Saudi Arabia

    • PatriotEagle1 says:

      jdean, you got that right. get rid of them both. this means hillary has muslims on her staff. not good if she is going to make a presidential run against obama. or, perhaps it is perfect as she can be open to all faiths. send them all packing, I say.

  14. PatriotEagle1 says:

    ealine, you said it. the whole bunch should be tossed out.

  15. I wonder if Weiner's constituents know this? What would they have to say about this, especially after 9/11?

  16. This news doesn't surprise me in the least, as we all should know by now that OBUMMER is nothing but a MUSLIM himself, he won't allow his records to be released as he is a member of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. His first official visit to Cairo, he personally invited the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD TO ATTEND. HE SPOKE TO THEM IN ARABIC, HIS LAST SENTENCE TO THEM WAS & I QUOTE, " I AM ONE OF YOU". Obummer is behind all the rebel in the Muslim countries, his pushing out the leaders for his MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD to GET IN, "take over" to wipe ISRAEL off the map, then NEW WORLD ORDER, with Obummer as the JIHAD. His monies given during his last campaign most came from the Saudi king, etc. Take a good look at how our country keeps getting into worse DEBT since Obummer took over. Even now with being TRILLIONS IN DEBT, OBUMMER STILL GIVES MONIES TO THE MUSLIM COUNTRIES, HE SHOULD BE JAILED FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE TO AMERICA, INCLUDING HIS AMERICAN FLAG BURNING MEDUSA WIFE.


  18. pleadnthe5th says:

    this is the kind of politicians we have in Washington today, no matter who it is, they are dead set on destroying this once great nation..to hell with all of them REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!

    • gataheart says:

      Revolut is too messy. Sniper unlawful. "…thePEOPLE" must take a stand. DEMAND Congress do their duty. Find this man as unlawfully seated, acting unlawfully ..and try him ..along w/all who were aware but said nothing, of TREASON and hang em high in the public square for all to see 'THIS is what happens to traitors!" WHY do you think people dared not mistreat a Roman? Because the consequences were dire and full.


  20. texasdraw says:

    Here we go again <I was right, OMG! This is getting scary. I said Muslims had infiltrated every part of the OBAMAO REGIME, I was right.
    Clinton knew this, Obamao knew this and the Weiner knew this. Now we really know who side the B lack Nationalist Marxist is on. He is addicted to Al Jazeera, Has terrorist Immansa in the WH. Was educated Islamic.
    And people told me I was laughable. That a USA President would have communist, and genocidal ties .
    His path of destruction is getting wider and wider. ALl with our tax dollars. Time for him to go, and VOID everything he has placed on the books. 20,000 policies all tied together , to create sharia , law, and to destroy the USA , WE have 1.5 million more unemployed than when the OBAMAO bought the WH.

  21. With all these distractions, the mainstream media and our leaders have forgtton about IRAN and NORTH KOREA.

    • Hell we all forgot about all the floods and tornados. What happened to all the water headed for New Orleans. Evaporate?

  22. they all belong to the muslim brotherhood.

  23. So, let me see if I understand your article, correctly. Weiner married a well connected muslim, whose brother is a member of the muslim brotherhood and whose mother is also a member of the muslim sisterhood. Weiner's wife, travels all over with Hillary Clinton as her "companion" and is privy to many secrets of our government. I can believe that! Another "good" muslim infiltrates our inner circle. We never learn. We fought the Nazis, the Fascists, the Japs, the Commies(Cold War) but we just won't get every damn muslim 1000 miles from any government agency. What's it going to take, another couple of our buildings to be destroyed, before we wake up?

    • azwayne says:

      Best, most appropriate comment yet, focused on real problems besides, "No morals" Democraps. Those would tell us,"wasn't it fantastic they found each other and found so much in common and got married. You look at pictures and other men and you think she was so overcome to pick him. He's been giving away everything he knows or can steal in regards to government info, so whatever she can't get from Hillary she has total sources. I am disappointed with dumbed down Americans that ok this but government leaders say nothing, no rules no care for America at all. PC idiotic Congress.

    • ALFRED E. NEUMAN says:


    • Yes we very much need another 911 to wake people up to the mu-slime infesting our country.

    • Chess Game says:

      I think the muslims realized that they can get more done and take over our country by making sure our laws work against us such as all the political correct laws and the ACLU as their guardian. The muslims support the dems because they know that they are going to appoint activist judges who in turn will make it easy for muslim sharia law to become part of our legal system. The enemy within is all the sheppo who is so ignorant of what is going on and the stupid new radical dems. Just look to California and witness the judges turn against the will of the people,

  24. Weenie is so stupid that he probably does have Muslim Brotherhood connections. Even while doing his dirty business on the internet, he was still the arrogant, egotistical fool and daily spewed his meaningless gibberish. I don't know why even a hard-up muslim would marry this idiot. Probably because she could get his support for Muslim causes

    democrat p

    • Twolips Are Beautiful says:

      You hit everypoint about lil’ Weiner (the highly immature pencil-neck-ferret-nose-geek), though not elegantly but certainly right on the money.

  25. LET'S SEE???

  26. Twolips Are Beautiful says:

    Demoncraps are just trash people. The name says it all……

  27. azwayne says:

    I think if we find what weiner and her gave Muslim Brotherhood as far as government info she properly deserves first lady of Gitmo.

  28. If Yuma is a spy, then the entire muslim brotherhood knows our governments every move. There is something boiling in the witches brew, and stinks of something disas’trous. Don’t trust our government or muslims.

  29. ALFRED E. NEUMAN says:


  30. The Lord has been prevalent in America during its origin and America was truly blessed, BUT America began killing the innocent, mocking and scoffing God, allow the queer movement to prosper, plus many other evils to make God take away blessings once bestowed on us. God says, OK, you want to kick me out of America you will get a leader you deserve and henceforth, the destroyer bama comes on the scene, BUT bush and POTUS’s, and congress’s before him slowly implemented structured programs that led us to this point. I personally believe that most of the muslims are filled with evils spiritS and they are bringing those evil spiritS into America unawares and releasing them upon a nation once blessed by God. If America is to survive (which I believe we are waiting for Jesus to rapture believers from the earth), we will have to get rid of all the muslim mosque’s in America and all the muslims because they will never be true patriots to the constitution and will never remember the ones who died defending America. We must remember them, all foreigners could care less about our flag. Heck, it appears that all of congress are traitors.

    • Twolips Are Beautiful says:

      A minister said we are getting insane leaders because of SIN.

      The liberals know, get rid of their Christianity and you will get rid of America.

      The Clintons, both Bull and Hillaryous are both commie-cal people and should NEVER BE ALLOWED in American politics. He is alleged to have forced sex on a Juanita Broadderick and she has printed her story and it has never been refuted by Bull Clinton.

    • Betsy K. Larsen says:

      DanE. Right on. When a nation such as ours, and such as Israel, turns their back on the God who gave them blessing after blessing, those nations suffer the consequences. We here in America are suffering the consequences of allowing every wicked and evil deed and action to prosper, instead of standing by our Christian founded principals. We are a Christian based nation, or were……..our ideals were founded upon these principals, and until we drifted away from them, we did indeed prosper. I now see a nation who has turned her back on the God who blessed her for over 200 years, and who has sanctioned homosexuals, taken in those whose desires were to destroy our Christian principals, and take us into the nightmare scenerio that we now find ourselves in. Everything that was good and right has been made almost, if not totally, illegal. Even speaking our minds has become “incorrect” and almost a crime, and in some instances, IS a crime! The recent words of Tracy Morgan were spoken from the heart, I beleive, but he now has to go and “apologize” in order to keep his job……I beleive that Tracy should stick by his original words, and to hell with “HELLY”WOOD! And anyone else who beleives that the FREEDOM OF speaking our minds is something to apologize for! It will not be long before all of us are in the same position as Tracy. We are going to have to keep our mouths shut, and condone every evil of the day, unless we want to go to prison for simply saying a word against the popular thought. A nation who turns it’s back on God will surely pay! And America is paying, and will pay even more dearly for this sin against the God of our forefathers! Unless we stand up for our rights, and for our freedoms, TOGATHER, we will all be in Tracy’s positon, either apologize, or go straight to jail, or worse. The day may come when we will be executed for such behavior, and I do not exaggerate one bit here. Remember the Nazis, who murdered anyone who disagreed with them. This situation in which we now find ourselves is worse than that, islime is much, much, MUCH worse!!! Worse, because this nation, it’s people, refuse to see the evil muslimEs as they really are, hellbent on destroying this country, and everything she stands for!!!! “kill the infidel and the Jew”, means kill anyone who does not convert! That means you and me, my friends! Unless we decide to convert. I do not intend to ever convert to such a perverted idea of “religion”. NEVER! I am a Christian American, and I will be so until the day I die! I am afraid though, that I am going to be a witness to the Death of America, unless we Christian Americans UNITE and STAND! Make a Stand!!! FOR RIGHT AND FOR AMERICA!

    • jeannieology says:

      100% correct this nation cannot continue on with the unfettered slaughter of the unborn and not expect the wrath of God to fall!

    • We may be stumbling, and a little slow on the uptake. But we have not been completely subjegated yet.
      More and more of us are begining to see what is happening, and we can prevail.
      We got rid of a few last election, and we still have the chance to get rid of all of them on the next one.
      Just pay close attention to the next wave of candidates, and cast your vote wisely.
      Do your home work, research every thing you can one each, and every one, before you decide.
      Vote based on knowledge of the candidate, and his/her true ideaology, past record, and experience. Not solely on media commentary, campaign speeches ( which has been the most common error on our part as voters), or emotion.
      One thing I have noticed over the years (and have seen a few being an old codger), is if a candidate starts
      off his/her speeches with, " My fellow Americans," and you already know his normal attitude towards the constitution is anti constitution, or anti-American, from previous comments, or actions, (like our current marxist wanabe), you know right then and there that the rest of his/her speech is going to be ninety percent bull puckey, and ten percent lies.

  31. gataheart says:

    and quickly about doing it.

  32. Edwardkoziol says:

    There are a lot of good comments on this subject Weinny and the muslim bride.But now we know that she is linked to the muslim brotherhood through family and she is Hitlary Clintons right hand so Slick Willy had muslims in his administration but will the press bring this to light(NO).Since old Weinny got caught and if he resigns he will have no use to the brotherhood so chances are they'll cut off his head.

  33. Jon Dee says:

    Let us take solace in the fact that Mr. Weeny Wiener is Jewish; and His new Brother-in-law a big monkey-monk in the "Islamic Brotherhood".

    If I remember correctly the "#1 Hate Directive" in the Koran is to "Kill all infedels, especially Jews and Christians. Me thinks that the weeny man ought to kiss off Huma (His Wife" and head for the hills.

    With a Muslim Wife (Huma) that has been humiliated by Her Jewish Husband's sexual exploits; and Huma's brother's standing in the "Muslim Brotherhood", a long happy life does not seem to be in the Weeny man's future.

    Jon Dee

  34. It will take balls to clean out the filth. Let then build all the mosque`s they want. then after they are finished fly over and pour bacon grease on them. They won`t set foot in the place again. need to do this to every mosque in the country. Front doors make good targets also.

  35. So let me get this straight we have a liberal lawyer real estate developer who almost went to prison and likes secret meetings (whose husband, former president, denies the blue dress incident is "SEX" but it might be "sex") and a blue blood chippy from the Muslin Motherhood (whose congressman husband, true to his name, is a twitterfile) determining the future of the world. Invest in 3M, we're going to need a lot more post it notes and super glue.

  36. I have heard of the saying "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer." but this is going overboard.

  37. Did the clinton's know of the connection?Sure they did.Does anyone remember the cover up behind the clinton sex scandal?China walked out of the White House with sensitive records. We have a corrupt government.We can blame no one but ourselves for not paying attention.We are the only ones who can change it.We have to do the research before we vote.I think that a lot of good,well meaning people voted for bho because they listened to the lies & did not do the research. Others were so fed up with bush that they felt that anything would be better.Face it,we did not have a good choice.Did I vote for bho? NO,but I did feel that I was voting for the lesser of 2 evils. As I see it now,we still don't have anyone who can be trusted for our next leader in the race yet. Did weiner convert to the muslin religion?That is a question that needs to be answered given the ties to the muslin brotherhood.With his position,is he a threat to our nation?These are questions that need to be answered quickly.
    We need to ask God for guidance in choosing the right person,so we can restore America to the way He intended it to be.America was no accident.America & Israel are the only nations founded on His principals.

    • fordman says:

      You can't change it because Obama does whatever he wants to do and our other elected officials are nothing but cowards. The tea party can't do it by themselves without some clout.

  38. I don't think she married him for love. seems to me she doesn't look very happy in their wedding photo.

  39. And it goes on and on and ON. How about Hillary, she might be just as bad selling secrets to her girl friend ??
    AND a MUSLIM in Our White House ??

  40. Theonethatknows says:

    The Enemies of our State are being exposed on a daily basis…..the only question that remains is..are we going to allow them to continue, and for how long, before we execute all of them for treason???

  41. I keep saying the Muslims will take over the US, but people tell me I am just a a paranoid fearmonger. Yep I agree.

    • You agree that your Paranoid ? Or that them Monkey god muslium will take over the US.Because with that IDOIT that chould not be i that set will make it happen He is hell bent to destorie the US He should and can be impeached on just about any thing you can think of.But they wont do it and it bud;s the s__t out of ME

    • Fearing something is not always a bad thing.
      Fear can often times make you more aware of things others may not see, or care about until it is to late to prevent, or stop it.

  42. Honkyrat says:

    H_ll everyone in the in the W/H the Sen & house know that they can impeach that idoit for number of thing'sLike the last elect the SS# the Birth and for walking all over the CON.bill of right the war he started.but they know if they do anything they aill have s__t all over thir face . And in the mean time this monkey god islamic muslim destroy our money and our USA.

    • I think the ones that brought his impeachment up and it goes through they would be heroes. I don't want it to happen but if the blacks rise up this is something we have to deal with.

  43. Huma is the lesbian girl-toy for Hillary. She married Weiner as cover. That's how he got the seat.

    Unfortunately because she is not interested in having sex with him, he took his interests elsewhere. They should have sent a few escorts his way.

    If anyone converted it was Huma to a false Judaism, but more likely they are both secular agnostics.

  44. i have said all along that they have connections to the muslim brotherhood people didnt believe me now the proof is in the pudding. it is rosemarys baby.

  45. Howard Theobald says:

    Great comments. While American is getting rid of Christianity from all public sites and erasig GOD from the lives of children the Muslims are planning a great jihad on America. Let’s start with Obama–impeach him. Send an e-mail to Congressman Issa as he has expressed impeachment. He need your encoragement as he is in a position to start the impeachment process. Now, take a look at 2012. Governor Rick Perry for Presidnet and Congressman Allen West for VP. Two honest men, who believe in our Constitution are for the people and are open as to their belief in GOD. Go to their web site to learn more.

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