Weiner Caught With His Pants Down…Again

490px Anthony Weiner official portrait 112th Congress Weiner Caught With His Pants Down...Again

Is disgraced former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner really this incorrigible?

Did he really engage in lewd online behavior after the notorious nude picture scandal that momentarily ousted him from politics?

That’s what the popular gossip site TheDirty is [content warning at the linkalleging.

Recent screen shots of sexually explicit online chat sessions posted by the gossip site on Monday show Weiner may have struck again — all after he fessed up to steamy online relationships in 2011.

“My source is solid. She really thought Anthony Weiner and her were in love, they spoke on the phone daily multiple times a day for 6 months,” The Dirty reports.

Read more at The Blaze. By Becket Adams.

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