Weathering The Politicians

Man Made Global Warming Denier SC Weathering the Politicians

Yesterday, I read an interesting article in Newsweek about the connection between tornadoes and climate change.

Newsweek’s story explained how top climate scientists were concerned about several ominous and fundamental changes occurring in Earth’s weather patterns.

Evidence that Earth’s climate was changing in the wrong direction, the article said, included a shorter growing season in England, higher average temperatures at the equator, and an increase in tornadoes like the monster than killed at least 24 people in Tornado Alley this past week.

“Last April,” wrote Newsweek, “in the most devastating outbreak of tornadoes ever recorded, 148 twisters killed more than 300 people and caused half a billion dollars’ worth of damage in thirteen U.S. states.”

Newsweek’s article went on to say scientists weren’t sure what was causing the global climate to change and could not predict how it would affect specific local weather conditions.

But the news magazine said top weather scientists were certain of one thing: They were “almost unanimous in the view that the trend will reduce agricultural output for the rest of the century” and result in “a major climatic change that would force economic and social adjustments on a worldwide scale.”

Oh, I forgot to mention a few important facts.

The date on that Newsweek article was April 28, 1975. The headline was “The Cooling World.” And the climate change scientists were almost unanimously worried about was a global cooling trend.

Global cooling, the Big Climate Scare of the 1970s, wasn’t blamed on humans; and weather disasters like Hurricane Sandy and this past week’s tragedy in Oklahoma were not politicized by climate illiterates like Babs “The Weather Girl” Boxer and her fellow U.S. Senator from Rhode Island, Sheldon Whitehouse.

Both Boxer and Whitehouse jumped on the Oklahoma City tornado tragedy this week to exploit it for political gain.

While they were still pulling survivors out of the wreckage, Whitehouse gave an idiotic speech linking “cyclones” and other extreme weather events to climate change.

Then he beat up Republicans for not believing the myth he and his political soul-bothers believe — that climate change is catastrophic, man-made, and only fixable by great climatologists like Al Gore and wise Washington politicians.

Whitehouse later apologized, saying he wrote the speech before he knew about the tornadoes striking Oklahoma. But his climatic ignorance and his crass, opportunistic politics were exposed.

Meanwhile, Sen. Boxer had no excuse. She took a break from her gun control crusade to spend time on her other crusade — climate control.

Last Monday, she expressed her condolences to the tornado victims, then twisted another natural tragedy into a political issue. She blathered that the tornado was “proof” of climate change.

Sorry, Ma’am, but tornados have been around for a long time. That’s why we call it Tornado Alley, not “Global Warming Alley.” In Florida and the Carolinas, we have Hurricane Alley. I live in Earthquake Alley.

Next time a natural disaster strikes, I have some advice for all the climate-control freaks in Washington.

Please shut up. Nothing you say or do will change anything. Oklahoma is not going to get safer if Earth gets cooler.

And Boxer, Whitehouse, and their ilk are not going to make tornadoes disappear like Newsweek did.

Believe it not, senators, climate is not something that Washington can control.

It’s ultimately affected — and controlled — by Almighty Nature, not humans and their carbon burning. And certainly not by agenda-driven politicians.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Global warming is a figment of Al Gores mind and he used it on the people and became a multmillionaire.

    • ConcernedCitizen17 says:

      I feel that the existence of global warming is almost completely irrelevant. Regardless of our beliefs on the matter, I feel that we have a duty to protect and care for the world around us. Even if global warming really is a figment of our imaginations, we must treat our planet as a precious gift and preserve all that it has to offer instead of poisoning it with an imbalance of carcinogens. I am not saying that substances such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are not necessary to the planet, I am simply stating that to continue recklessly infusing our planet with a glut of certain elements is certainly a detriment to both the health of Earth, but to our overall health as well.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Concerned can you explain how the Ice Age happened when there was nobody to blame it on Warming.
        I'm for watching out for our planet but other countries could care less like China & Russia.Plus I think it's a joke for all these people like a Al "the Whore" Gore who fly all over then go plant a tree in their backyard and say that covers the polution they cause.Another one of these turkeys is Rasppy Robt.Kennedy.

        • ConcernedCitizen17 says:

          Of course I cannot explain with absolute certainty how the Ice Age occurred, just as you or I could not determine (as of yet) the existence and/or impact of global warming. I simply fail to see the relevance in your statement to this conversation. In addition, I do agree with your statement that countries like China and Russia do allow their corporations to operate irresponsibly, polluting their air and waterways, however, I believe that there still is hope for improving the situation on that front. Perhaps by reducing our carbon footprint, we can set an example for other countries, and our changes will improve the conditions of our planet significantly. To quote Irene Gut Opdyke "A drop in the ocean, though small, is still significant." In addition, you cannot seriously believe that all Al Gore cares about is planting a tree and calling it a day. If the issue were that simple, we would not be having this enlightening conversation, would we not? The topic is much more deep and complex, and therefore it needs to be treated as such. Can we not just band together in a bipartisan effort to a greener nation, and indeed, a greener planet? Let us just care for the blessings given to us as best we can and lead the world into a new era.

          And finally, must you resort to swearing and name calling? It is simply immature, uncalled for, and not overall attractive.

          • Edwardkoziol says:

            Sorry but I call them the way I see them and all this political correctness is causing more harm then good.Say what you mean and quit the bullshit.We can do away with cars to set a good examples for air pollution but all the chinks and commies will do is laugh.China is always trying to steal our secrets and we are nice to them hell they own more then half our country.are you one of these people who think wind mills are attractive even though they kill thousands of birds,oil rigs don't.

          • ConcernedCitizen17 says:

            Here is what I believe, whether you like it or not. Yes, we need more stringent laws regarding carbon emissions, and yes, we need to focus our attention to sustainable sources of energy such as solar, water, and wind to cut our dependency to foreign oil. The levels of carbon monoxide and dioxide in our atmosphere is at a new high and is growing by the day to unprecedented rates. And who really cares what the "chinks" or "commies" think, to use your outdated and, quite frankly, racist terms. You should not be so self-conscious of our "image." Oh, and those thousands of birds killed by wind mills? Let me just read you off some statistics from the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill ALONE. Billions of sea organisms, millions of fish and tens of thousands of larger animals were killed as a result of the oil spill. 8,030 birds, 1114 sea turtles, and 101 mammals were collected, and of those, 2,071 birds, 17 turtles and 4 mammals died. Those billions of organisms surely surpass thousands of birds killed by wind turbines. And these are facts from just ONE oil spill. On top of that, between 97.6 million to 975.6 million birds die each year from flying into windows and between 1.4 to 3.7 BILLION birds are killed by cats in the United States alone. Next time research your information before calling me out on bullshitting.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            Umm, no, we DON'T need ANY more laws, especially more stringent ones at that. We don't have an issue with carbon emissions. That's just part of the hoax.
            We may have higher than "standard" levels of carbon monoxide and dioxide, but only in high populous cities. The remaining 80% of very low inhabited land is well below what some feel is the "standard". If we would stop trying to pile everyone on top of each other crammed into a small square, readings would be consistently low everywhere. We have enough land in Texas alone to fit the entire 7 Billion people living in New York in comfort. Another way to state it is we have enough open land in America to have 2.1 people per ACRE.
            Does it really make sense to tax an animal's flatulence? In what way would this be beneficial? If it makes such a big difference, who gets stuck paying for all the feral animals? How extreme do we get?

            If you wish to cut our dependency on foreign oil, reinstate our drilling permits that have been canceled. We have more than enough natural gas, oil and coal reserves to supply our country for centuries. In fact, we have such supplies there would be no need to purchase oil outside of our country. China and other countries are actually reliant upon us for coal. America has the largest mineable supply of coal in all the world, but yet permits have been rescinded. Thousands of jobs lost. If we look at just coal, the argument on use is the amount of mercury it produces even though it only produces less than 1% while the Earth itself makes 99%. How does this make sense?

            The so called "renewable energies" are not prosperous enough nor produce enough energy to be a viable option. They are a nice addition, but can't supply a fraction of our demand.
            You also forgot to mention the damage solar and wind farms do to humans. Wind Turbine Syndrome alone affects at least 70% of the population at 5km away.… This is just one of the many side affects of 'green energies' becoming known. I won't add the amount of animals affected (domestic and feral) and lost in addition to those killed outright.

            Unfortunately, due to drilling permits being denied, oil companies are forced to go into deep water to drill. This is when the problems start. We can't ignore this fact.
            With the economy in such dire straights, the people can't afford a massive hike in energy prices that comes with using just solar and/or wind energies. Then the limit on the amount of energy each home can obtain would be problematic.

            Global warming is a hoax, nothing more. Just a way to further tax, control and attack the population. An agenda started by those who feel the Earth is not getting the "respect it deserves". When you cherry pick which results you use, of course it will back a theory.
            I do agree who cares what other countries think of America. I'm rather tired of being the world police and other positions. But Ed is correct. America is not the only country with a manufacturing industry. When will they be held to the same standards?

            And while you call what Ed uses as titles for others racism, I say it's speaking his mind. Racist is an over used word which now holds no/little value. Part of the problem is the being 'Politically Correct' bullshit as well as tree hugging loons who feel only they know what's best for everyone. Is someone suppose to care when called a racist? Just by disagreeing with this 'administration's' policies you are considered being a racist.

            For the record, everyone knows Wikipedia is a biased site that leans far left. It's information holds little regard. It's "truths" are those of the last person to edit the page.

          • Edwardkoziol says:

            Dear Concerned I don't remember calling you a bullshitter but everyone knows you can find some organization that will have the statitics you want.You sir or maam can call me names but I sign my name not like you going under ConcernedCitizen17.I would like to know who counted all those sea turtles, mammals and birds that were kiled because of an oil spill that could have been avoided because Pres.Oblameo had his flunky organization make them drill in dep water instead of off the coast where it would have been capped faster.The Obugme administration gave millions of taxpayer money to green energy and the only ones who made out were the executives,If we were allowed to drill in Anwar or on other government land we might not have to drill in the sea.The way I see it your no more concerned about environment your just a liberal Obangme worshipper.Read what Seeks has to say your comment

          • ConcernedCitizen17 says:

            I guess ignorance is bliss for some.
            Perhaps I should voice my opinions elsewhere, since I'll probably have a difficult time finding anyone who would like to have a nice, formal, intelligent discussion on the matter here. And me calling you names? Why don't you read over your hateful, ignorant comments before you call ME out on name calling. And, yes I did read Seeks response, which is clearly more than can be said for you concerning my comments. I find that he and you are as slanted right as I am slanted left. At least I don't resort to racist comments, name calling, and blatant denial of fact. You lack logic, tact and reasoning.
            Grow the hell up.
            Ben W. signing out.

          • Edwardkoziol says:

            Benny here I thought we were having an good honest conversation.You with your statistics and me using logic to see through all that phony crap you liberals spew.Scientist say global warming is real and others say it isn't so if you want to believe go ahead i choose not to.You take Care Ben W and by the way I'm rubber your glue what ever you say bounces off me and sticks to you Mr.Logic.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            It seems to be forgotten the oil rigs we have problems with are the deep water rigs. Since this 'administration' has rescinded or denied other drilling/mining permits, they have to go where they can drill and there is supply.
            Guess some don't care that China and other countries can do as they please but not America.
            Must be because we have too many brain dead liberals loons and tree hugging wackos.
            It was nice to hear China just hacked government servers and got even more of our classified documents. Seems like we're not suppose to worry about them.

          • Edwardkoziol says:

            What kills me as these Obutthole lovers don't know that this administration forced them to drill in deep water.Do these nutbags like Conerned realize that when China starts drilling off the coast of Cuba they're not going to care one bit if they create an oil spill.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            That's the strawman environmentalist loons use to debate drilling. They ignore others but demand America follow what they believe is best.
            Oil spills are rare, but yet this fact is ignored. When there is a spill, it's usually because the company attempted to cut corners to try and turn a profit or to fit into all the strangling policies and laws.

  2. The Archon says:

    The politicians CAN, through the military that controls HAARP: indeed control weather. They are about to "give the ionoshpere a huge kick", and measure the subsequent disturbances in weather patterns to ultimately gauge it's effectiveness. The weird weather that has been occurring of late is believed, by numerous sources educated in the matter; to be a result of small pokes and prods caused by HAARP. So what happens when this "Huge kick" to the atmosphere happens? Those in control are eager to find out.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      HAARP had done serious damage to our climate. How convenient is it to ignore the damage done by this 'classified' experiment.

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