We Hate To Disappoint Democrats Again, But…

Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey (Creative Commons)

The most important aspect of Chris Christie’s Traffic-Gate scandal is that a human life may have been lost because power hungry lowlifes played New Jersey thug politics. This is disgusting and heartbreaking. Nevertheless, this scandal, as everything else that happens, is being reported and viewed only in terms of the politics of its nature. Because of this fact Christie’s, White House dream is over. For the Democrats, this scandal is a serious blow. They had so hoped that Christie would be the Republicans nominee in 2016; but alas, that is over now.

In a reflexive response,  The Atlantic’s David Graham is reassuring everyone who will listen that “rumors of Chris Christie’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.” Really? How interesting. The Atlantic is wrong, and here’s why.

The scandal is real. It might include the death of an innocent victim. Christie’s scandal takes place immediately adjacent to New York City, the media capitol of the world. Reporters don’t have to get out a map and a GPS to find a place to interview “victims”; even these lazy lumps can get this job done. People in Fort Lee don’t like Republicans to begin with. There is a strong hatred of Christie among elected Democrats in New Jersey (please don’t be fooled the number who endorsed him – they did it out of fear); they will therefore not let this go. Christie’s presidential fundraising machine is now shut down, even before it got rolling. High-rolling Chamber of Commerce quislings will place their bets on different people.

Christie will get no help from grassroots Republicans, and support from people like John Boehner will only underline why Christie is not acceptable to Republican rank-and-file.

The media desperately wants to latch onto anything they can talk about besides Barack  Obama’s real scandals. Traffic-Gate gives them a way to change the subject.

The media will rip up Christie because they know they can find another Republican loser to support and promote right up until the day he clinches the nomination.

The whipping Christie gave Barbara Bouno last year was as fake as a wooden nickel. The Democrats in New Jersey put up that clown, knowing they couldn’t beat him no matter what they did. They put Bouno up so Christie could run up the score and give the New York Times something to write about to fool Republicans into nominating him. Honest observers know Christie wouldn’t even carry New Jersey. Anyone who knows anything about New Jersey politics knows this is true. They also know there is very little reason to believe Christie didn’t know about the deadly stunt; and even if he didn’t know, Obama has carried the “I didn’t know” excuse way past its “use by” date.

If  an innocent person died because of Christie’s Traffic Gate,  I’m deeply sorry . That life can never be replaced, but time will prove Chris Christie’s political life ended that day as well. His road to Washington is closed.

Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey (Creative Commons)

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    The standard rule for handling bad news in politics is to get it all out at once, like Christie did. The worst thing to do is allow the bad news to dribble out, for days, weeks, months, years, presidential terms? This is what Obliar has done for over a decade of controversies and scandals, so far, it’s worked like a charm, because of the lying MSM and that Americans have the attention span of a baby gnat. So, why should Obtraitor change? Delay it, Derail it, Ignore it. Dismiss it. Dissemble it to death. Didn’t know about it. Point at others. Have others point at others. Have others suggest the criticism is really racial. Stay aloof. Stretch the whole thing out as long as possible. Then call every ensuing question old news, that you’ve discussed it many times, or that it is just a phony scandal. Hope the problem goes away. And it usually has for Oblivious. Based on the history of such an immoral man, we will never get the answer unless Obackstabber is water-boarded or some honest people that are not under polygraph tests come forward, like Gates, but then their lives are destroyed by Obama Chicago style politics. Just ask Ham or Roberts, who are being blackmailed. Or ask Breitbart, who was going to properly vet Obhustler before the 2012 election, and what did he get, death!
    Now we have the scenario of what will he do with the ongoing Obamacarelessjobkiller debacle and his sinking polls. Obigbrother will halt all coverage using MSM lapdogs, report only on evil Republicans and idiot Tea Party terrorists. Lie about insurance policies and doctors that wont be kept, break promises to reduce costs (to the price of a phone bill), and just lie more and more. Then, blame shift and accuse everyone of intentionally causing trouble. Now announce a new program to force youth to buy health insurance that now threats to consume him. Soros-funded operatives will help demonize the Tea Party, and revive of the War on Women, along with efforts to worsen race relations by encouraging tensions to violence and riots in the streets. Obama (after just taking another multi-million dollar vacation) will demonize the super rich on the Right. The tactics will involve the usual: accusations of racism, corporate greed, narrow self-interest to the exclusion of the poor and dispossessed, condemnations of senators and representatives accused of being corporate shills, accusations that Republicans and Tea Party individuals only want to destroy Obama because they are so filled with hate and racism, accusations the Republicans hate the poor and don’t have a plan of their own, Fox will be singled out for special treatment, and doctors will become the new whipping post as well as other players in the healthcare industry. The banner: Hope & Change is still alive, follow the Fearless Leader: do not let the criminal rich rob the poor again! The ultimate question: will the American people walk into this grisly trap again?

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