We Failed Obama’s “Amnesty Stress Test”; Now There Are Just 4 Months Until The Real Thing

During the final minutes of a basketball game, when the score is close and an in-bounding play is crucial, we often see successive time outs taken by both teams. The coach whose team is inbounding will wait to see the defending team’s alignment and call a time out to counter it. The defending team might do the same. Each wants an edge; each wants to know what the other will do.

As the leader/coach of the enemy’s team, Barack Hussein Obama has just done this to America in regard to the flood of illegal alien children racing over our now non-existent Southern border. Obama’s ultimate goal is to import an endless stream of new Democrat voters from South and Central America. To further this aim, he has declared an amnesty to see what defenses his American enemies will employ. Now that he knows what we will do, he has called a “timeout” and has told his Mexican allies to stop allowing the illegal alien pawns to approach the fence where our border used to be.

He has planned this move very carefully. In January, we have now learned, he advertised for 65,000 “escorts” for unaccompanied minor illegal aliens. Here’s what he has learned.

Republicans will do nothing but call him names.

When flooded with illegal aliens, Arizona will hide under a desk, sue Homeland Security, and bring it into court–where the matter will be smothered and forgotten until it must be translated into Spanish by order of the Mexican government. Virginia and Massachusetts will smile, bend over, and take whatever he dishes out – they are governed by Democrats, after all.

He has learned that Miami can’t absorb any more illegal alien children.

Obama has also learned that the expression “Don’t mess with Texas” means just what it says. Texas has decided to fight back and place Texas Rangers where the border used to be.

Apparently, Obama has gathered information for now because he has called an end to this “amnesty stress test.” He has sent the word to his top lieutenants in Mexico that the test is over for now.

By stopping the test now, Obama gets to say he is tough on illegal aliens, “reasonable on the issue,” and decisive on SOMETHING, so it can go away until November 5th.

America has failed Obama’s “amnesty stress test”; he has seen what we will do and knows how to counter our defensives. The real amnesty will be declared the day after Election Day in November, and Obama now knows how to make it stick.

Photo credit: SS&SS (Flickr)

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